Part 1 - Technology

The cost of LASIK fluctuates based on a few different factors that many patients never consider, such as:

  • The technology used to perform LASIK surgery
  • The experience of your LASIK surgeon
  • The level of patient care and how much follow up is included

Let’s answer one of the top questions people have about the cost of LASIK: What exactly am I paying for?

How LASIK Technology Plays into Cost

LASIK technology has seen huge advancements since LASIK became available in the U.S. 25 years ago. The shift from using a blade to a laser was a major contributor in the development of a safer, faster and more customized vision correction procedure. Today, procedures that use all-laser LASIK technology are preferred because they offer a better, more predictable procedure with fewer side effects. Not to mention an all-laser procedure is more comfortable for the patient. While using state-of-the-art technology can increase the cost of LASIK, stand back and consider the big picture: Is discount eye surgery worth risking the long-term wellbeing of your eyes? LASIK is a lifelong investment in your vision and quality of life. “Deals” on LASIK may sound very tempting. However, this price is likely a “starting at” (or prescription-based cost of LASIK) and is a “bait and switch” tactic that only applies to a very small number of individuals who meet certain requirements.

Another reason to be wary of “deals” on LASIK is because your procedure’s price may be lower if the surgeon is using outdated LASIK technology. A surgeon that uses blade technology instead of lasers for vision correction procedures is NOT providing what is considered the standard of care today. Having LASIK with all laser, bladeless technology offers better corneal restructuring, more patient comfort and higher safety. Even though the cost of LASIK may be slightly higher with updated technology, candidates should consider the long-term results versus risking a higher chance of post-operative complications for a lower price.

The Latest LASIK Technology Has an Impact on Cost

To perform all-laser LASIK, a surgeon must use two lasers. There are several laser manufacturers and each practice owner makes the buying decision that makes sense for their practice. Since Dr. Mozayeni opened his practice in 2003, he has always committed to investing in the most recent, state-of-the-art technology that has proven to provide optimal results. Because of this philosophy, he has upgraded his technology five times in the last 12 years! Today Dr. Mozayeni utilizes the WaveLight FS200 and the WaveLight EX500. This is the top of the line! There are no other lasers more current than these. These lasers use WaveLight technology and are the fastest LASIK lasers in the U.S. It’s not surprising that investing in FDA-approved LASIK advancements is not cheap, especially for surgeons who own their own practice. However, surgeon-owned practices like Providence Eye & Laser Specialists whose number one priority is results would rather invest in state-of-the-art technology and be straightforward about the cost of LASIK instead of operating with an “in and out” mentality that uses outdated lasers or blade technology. Practices like Providence Eye are not publicly traded companies, so their number one goal is patient care, not shareholder satisfaction. This is even more true when a surgeon lives in the community; his or her reputation is on the line everyday even when they are not at work.

The Cost of LASIK Should Be Clear

At Providence Eye, we do not lure you in with flashy low prices. Instead, we believe in being upfront with the price and no surprises. Dr. Mozayeni, a member of the Charlotte community performs every LASIK surgery and owns the practice, so his top priority is his patients and their well-being. Providence Eye patients can expect and will receive grade-A patient care before, during and after their surgery.

If you’ve been considering vision correction and are looking for honest pricing that reflects the use of the best LASIK technology, contact Providence Eye today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mozayeni.

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