Joe Jonas, Musician and Actor Finds Visual Freedom with EVO Visian ICL "After speaking with my doctor about this advanced new technology, I chose EVO as I left like it was finally time to upgrade my vision and change how I could see the world. It was a seamless, easy procedure for me that quickly gave me sharp, clear vision day or night without inducing dry eye syndrome. The results are life changing for me and with EVO, I now can simply wake up and go about my day.” – Joe Jonas, August 2022 Watch Joe Jonas talk about his EVO ICL experience.


EVO Implantable Collamer Lens Procedure

Sometimes referred to (although not correct) as an implantable contact lens, the biocompatible EVO implantable collamer lens is placed between your iris and natural lens via ultra-small corneal incisions. This differs from LASIK in that there is no corneal tissue removed from the eye to reshape the cornea. Instead, the vision-correcting lens is implanted into the eye.

The EVO ICL procedure is a quick out patient procedure performed by Dr. Nunnery in the our office. Patients typically do not experience any discomfort thanks to topical and/or local anesthetic. The EVO ICL is designed to remain in your eye indefinitely. However, if necessary or desired it can be easily removed and/or replaced.

Benefits of the EVO Implantable Collamer Lens

  • Does not permanently alter the structure of the eye
  • Flexible, biocompatible implantable collamer lens syncs perfectly with the eye’s natural movements
  • Minimizes risk of dry eye
  • Provides an extra UV protection layer to the eye
  • Permanent placement, but with an option for removal or replacement if needed or desired
  • A short, minimally invasive procedure that takes just 40 minutes for both eyes
  • Immediate results for many patients
  • Unnoticeable to you or others looking at you

Watch the video below for more information about EVO implantable collamer lens.

How EVO ICL Works

Learn more about how EVO ICL works

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