PRK vs. LASIK: What’s the Difference?

PRK is an all-laser, no-flap vision correction procedure which utilizes the same laser technology as LASIK to reshape the cornea. The primary difference is that during PRK surgery the surgeon does not create a corneal flap, making this a single laser procedure. This is why it can be referred to as “no-flap LASIK."

During PRK surgery the corneal cover is painlessly removed in about five seconds using a very small gentle “brush.” This cover is the skin layer of the eye that grows back quickly over several days. The cornea is then reshaped using our FDA approved state-of-the-art WaveLight EX500 laser.

If Dr. Mozayeni or Dr. Nunnery recommends PRK, it is because he is confident this all-laser, no-flap surgery is a safer option for you and will provide a long-lasting result, similar to that of LASIK.

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Is PRK Surgery Right for You?

Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery recommend PRK surgery to approximately 25% of our patients due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Corneal thickness is not adequate for creating a flap
  • Significant problems with eye dryness before the procedure
  • High risk for developing long-term dryness
  • Skin or cover of the cornea is already fragile or damaged due to age, previous injury, or previous infection
  • Unexplained corneal irregularity detected on your mapping
  • Significant scar tissue on the cornea
  • Occupation or lifestyle is considered high risk for potential eye injury

Both of our surgeons are fellowship trained cornea specialists and are uniquely qualified to detect subtle corneal abnormalities and recommend the safest procedure for you. Meeting your actual laser vision correction surgeon and having a complete and thorough consultation is perhaps the most important part of your vision correction experience. Our team is committed to fully educating you and answering all of your questions about PRK including cost.

At Providence Eye, we have equally excellent results with LASIK and PRK surgery. In fact, Dr. Nunnery had PRK and multiple other Providence Eye team members.

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