We know that our patients are concerned about the cost of LASIK surgery and are frustrated by the fact that many insurance companies don’t view it as a critical medical procedure, but did you know that LASIK surgery is among the medical expenses qualified for a state and federal tax write-off?



Many people do not realize laser eye surgery comes in several forms. Providence Eye & Laser Specialists looks at the three kinds of LASIK procedures available and the factors that determine which procedure works best for qualified candidates.

Your LASIK consultation should be conducted by an...


Thinking about having LASIK surgery? During your consultation, ask the LASIK surgeon these 5 questions to help you make the right decision for you.

1. Are You the LASIK Surgeon Who Will Perform My Surgery?

If the answer to this is no, then it is really in your best interest to start over and find...


LASIK eye surgery is a lifelong investment that is definitely worth every penny! At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, many of our patients have said that having LASIK changed their life for the better. Do you feel like you can’t afford the LASIK eye surgery price? Luckily, there are several...


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