Planning for EVO ICL Procedure

If you are deemed an ideal candidate for EVO ICL by Dr. Nunnery, and you have decided that this is the right procedure for you, then it's time to prepare for your exciting day. Dr. Nunnery and our team will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare for your treatment day including but not limited to:

  • Taking a break from your contacts
  • Getting both prescription and non-prescription eye drops
  • Arranging for a driver to take you home

Please follow all instructions as they are important for an optimal outcome.

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What to Expect the Day of Your EVO ICL Procedure

Your EVO ICL procedure will take place at Providence Eye is our procedure suite. Your eyes will be dilated which gives Dr. Nunnery access to where the EVO ICL will be placed. You will also be offered a light sedative to help you relax and numbing drops will be instilled in your eyes to reduce any discomfort and reduce the urge to blink. (Don't worry, your eye will be held open for you by a small instrument) Please plan to be with us for 2 hours, although your procedure will only take about 45 - 60 minutes. You will need a driver to get you home.

Recovery from EVO ICL Procedure

You will be able to see immediately after your procedure. However, Dr. Nunnery will ask that you wear clear plastic eye shields (provided) for the first 24 hours and then at night or while napping for 1 week. This is to prevent you from accidently rubbing your eyes. You will return to Providence Eye the day after your procedure for your one-day post-op appointment. At that point, Dr. Nunnery will most likely clear you to drive and return to most of your normal daily activities. You will be provided detailed written post-operative instructions as that will enable the healing process to go quickly and smoothly. If you have any concerns or feel there are changes in your vision you can always call us, we have a doctor on call 24x7.

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