Paying for LASIK eye surgery cost may not be a cakewalk, but between setting money aside and using FSA or HSA accounts, your LASIK procedure does not have to break the bank. However, beware of offers that promise low cost, fast and quality LASIK. A lower LASIK eye surgery cost typically translates to less experienced surgeon, out-dated technology and/or poor overall experience. After all, we are talking about a medical procedure on your eyes. Does it make sense for it to be “on sale”?

While a discounted cost of LASIK may sound enticing, there are many reasons to be wary of these so-called “deals.” Most likely, these practices will utilize older, substandard technology. With the FDA-approved use of advanced LASIK technology, creating corneal flaps with blade technology is no longer considered best practice. The FDA lists all approved laser vision correction equipment on their website, helping people educate themselves on current best practices.

Beware of Discounted LASIK Eye Surgery Costs

For instance, unlike Providence Eye, some LASIK eye surgery practices have multiple lasers, but may advertise one and use another, older laser, so they can offer their “discount”.

Discount LASIK advertisements that contain fine print regarding the actual cost of LASIK indicate another red flag. Typically, this either means hidden fees are involved and the patient doesn’t actually save money or only a small number of people qualify to receive the discounted LASIK eye surgery cost. Be especially wary of such bold offers! Many people who choose to undergo LASIK in this way are hit with additional fees after their surgery is over. For those who end up fitting the usually strict qualifications (i.e. a low prescription or opting for blade LASIK as opposed to blade free all-laser LASIK), many of them will end up paying just as much, if not more, than getting LASIK from an honest, straightforward LASIK eye surgeon’s office.

Providence Eye & Laser Specialists only performs all-laser LASIK with state-of-the-art WaveLight technology, giving patients optimal results, maximized safety and the most comfortable procedure possible.

Without the use of best practices and state-of-the-art technology, a flashy, discounted LASIK eye surgery cost may have a higher likelihood of less than optimal results, increased discomfort, pain and post-op side effects that lengthen recovery time. If a reputable LASIK eye surgeon deems you suitable for LASIK, understand specifically what technology will be used for your LASIK procedure.

Make Sure Your LASIK Eye Surgeon Isn’t Cutting Corners

While laser vision correction is generally an extremely safe procedure, a lower than expected cost of LASIK can be a leading indicator that corners are being cut on a very complex medical procedure. Discounts and group deals on LASIK surgery pose the risk of poor surgical outcomes and poor patient care. LASIK is a medical poster child for the cliché yet relevant saying, “You get what you pay for.”

During your consultation you should ask the surgeon the following questions about the cost of LASIK:

  1. Will you be the surgeon to perform my laser vision correction surgery?
    1. How long have you been performing laser vision correction surgery?
    2. What percentage of your time is dedicated to LASIK surgery? (This will tell you if he or she dabbles in LASIK or if LASIK is their primary focus.)
  2. Will you be using a blade or a laser to make the flap?
  3. Does the cost of LASIK include post-operative care? If so, for how long?

Providence Eye recommends steering away from any practices that do not

  • Perform all-laser LASIK
  • Have the LASIK surgeon conduction the consultation
  • Fully listen to your questions and concerns,
  • Openly discuss the true costs of LASIK
  • Review pre and post operative care so that you have clear expectations.

Your eyes are integral to your quality of life; any LASIK eye surgeon that does not make you a priority may not supply you with the top-notch care you and your eyes deserve. Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye is committed to providing excellent patient care from your initial consultation to all of your post-op appointments. Contact us today to schedule your free LASIK consultation so you can take the next step to seeing more and living better.

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