Many patients ask Dr. Mozayeni during their complimentary consultations, “How much does LASIK surgery cost?” The LASIK prices at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists are set as a flat-rate regardless of your vision correction needs. When researching LASIK prices for your laser eye surgery, it is critical that you understand what the price is and how it is determined. Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye bases his LASIK price on three pillars:

This three-part series explores one of the top patient questions of “How much does LASIK surgery cost?” enabling you to better compare practices for your vision correction procedure.

Researching LASIK Prices: Consider Patient Care

When setting LASIK prices at Providence Eye, Dr. Mozayeni used a flat-rate model to eliminate fees based on your vision correction needs, which allows him to focus on other important aspects of your laser eye surgery, such as a better overall patient experience.

Complimentary Consultation

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, the LASIK prices remain the same regardless of how bad your prescription or if you have astigmatism. As a patient considering Dr. Mozayeni, you can experience his exceptional patient care during your initial complimentary consultation, which he performs. You receive a facility tour including the state-of-the-art the laser suite, thorough testing to determine if laser eye surgery is right for you, and resources to continue your research after you leave the office. Most importantly, you will feel like one of the family. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists you will:

  • Never be treated like a number
  • Always be respected as an individual
  • Be given as much time as necessary or as you want with Dr. Mozayeni and his team.
  • You will be educated and all of your questions will be answered
  • Be given medical recommendations as if you are a member of our family

Pre-Operative Care

Once you decide Dr. Mozayeni is the right surgeon for your laser eye surgery, you will be connected with a surgical coordinator who will help you prepare for your procedure. When you leave your complimentary consultation, you receive a packet of information including the LASIK prices and the steps you need to take prior to your surgery. At Providence Eye you will never be:

  • Pressured into having LASIK surgery
  • Asked for a deposit
  • Asked to “sign on the dotted line”

Day of Laser Surgery

On your day of laser eye surgery, you can expect an easy, hassle-free experience. Providence Eye strives to be the best practice rather than the busiest. As a patient, you can expect a safe, predictable and comfortable procedure with Dr. Mozayeni, an experienced cornea specialist.

The flat-rate LASIK prices at Providence Eye ensures that each patient receives exceptional patient care and optimal results from their laser eye surgery. Contact us to answer the question, “How much does LASIK surgery cost?” Schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mozayeni today.

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