If you are considering laser vision correction surgery, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions we hear at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is “Do I need to use eye drops and for how long?” In this blog, our Founder and one of our LASIK surgeons, Dr. Reza M. Mozayeni, discusses the protocol he and Dr. Nunnery recommend for eye drops before and after all laser LASIK surgery.

Do I Need to Use Eye Drops Before My LASIK Procedure?

LASIK patients at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists will be using two drops prior to their procedure. All patients are provided with clear written instructions in addition to reviewing with our surgical coordinator two days before your procedure.

  • Antibiotic drops
  • Ani-inflammatory drops

Do I Need to Use Eye Drops After My LASIK Procedure?

You will continue to use both the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops after your all-laser LASIK surgery. These drops will be used multiple times per day for several days. You should follow the instructions provided by your surgeon. Additionally, you will add preservative free artificial tear lubricating drops to your routine.

Best practices for using eye drops:

  • Allow 5 minutes between each type of eye drop.
  • Always use the lubricating drops last so that they coat your eyes.

How Long Do I Need to Use Eye Drops After My LASIK Procedure?

You will, based on your surgeon instructions, discontinue the use of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops several days after your procedure. The lubricating drops will be used for several weeks but the frequency of use will taper each week.

  • Week 1 – 1 drop every hour while awake
  • Week 2 – 1 drop every 2 hours while awake
  • Week 3 – 1 drop every 3 hours while awake
  • Week 4 – One drop every 4 hours while awake
  • After Week 4 - As needed going forward

You can always use additional drops or increase the frequency. Keeping your eyes lubricated and comfortable is crucial during the healing process.

Do lubricating drops need to be preservative free?

Yes, Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery always indicate to use preservative free drops.

Can I use large bottles of lubricating drops?

For the first two weeks after LASIK, Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery ask that you use individual vials, not the large bottles of preservative free lubricating drops. This greatly reduces the risk of infection. After two weeks you can move on to the large bottle format.

What brands of artificial tear lubricating drops are recommended?

Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery recommend Systane, Refresh, TheraTears, GenTeal and Optive.

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