After your laser vision correction surgery (LASIK or PRK), you will likely be very excited to start seeing the world free of glasses and contacts. For many, traveling is at the top of their new to-do list. But before you jump on that plane to Bora Bora, follow these guidelines from our LASIK surgeons here at Providence Eye.

Traveling After LASIK Surgery

Domestic Travel – Wait Three Days

Three days after your LASIK surgery, you are ready to travel by plane, train or automobile! Be sure to bring your preservative-free lubricating drops and use them often, especially if you’re on a plane. If you are on a “red-eye” flight within one week of your LASIK surgery and plan to sleep, you should wear your shields while sleeping so you don’t rub your eyes. Finally, no matter where you’re traveling, don’t forget your sunglasses! Protecting your eyes from the sun will help the healing process.

International Travel – Wait Two Weeks

If you’re planning on traveling internationally, you’ll need to wait two weeks before a long flight in order to ensure your eyes have time to heal properly. If you are traveling to a third-world country, please consult your surgeon first. You’ll still be using your preservative-free lubricating drops, so use them often, and pack your sunglasses!

Traveling After PRK Surgery

After your PRK surgery you will have three postoperative appointments in the first two weeks, so this will keep you pretty busy.

Domestic Travel – Wait One to Two Weeks

Depending on your mode of travel, you will be ready to travel one to two weeks after your PRK surgery. If you’re driving or traveling by train, you only need one week to recover, but if you’re traveling by plane, you should wait until after your third post-operative appointment, which will take place about two weeks after your PRK surgery. As with all travel after laser eye surgery, bring your preservative-free lubricating drops, any prescription drops, and wear your sunglasses whenever you’re outside!

International Travel – Wait Three Weeks

Finally, three weeks after your PRK surgery, you’ll be ready to travel internationally! Using your eye drops is essential during long flights, so make sure you pack enough for the duration of your trip and enjoy exploring the world with your new eyes!

Are you planning on swimming during your vacation? You must wait at least one week prior to even getting near any water (ocean, lake, river, pool, hot tub). After one week you can be near the water, but avoid intentional swimming with your head in the water. After two weeks, there are no restrictions. Go ahead open your eyes underwater in the pool. The view is amazing!

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