We all have our favorite workout activities, from running to swimming to team sports, and after your LASIK surgery, we want to help you get back to the activities you love quickly and safely. When you take the proper safety precautions, you can return to an exercise routine as early as one day after your LASIK eye surgery. However, your favorite exercises may have different timelines. Discover when to return to sports and regular exercise after your LASIK eye surgery.

Indoor Exercise After LASIK — 1 Day

On the first day after your LASIK eye surgery, you can ease back into exercising from the comfort of your home. Walking, stationary biking or weightlifting are exercises you can enjoy that don’t require leaving the house after LASIK eye surgery.

Moderate Outdoor Exercise After LASIK — 2 Days

Two days after your LASIK eye surgery, you’ll be ready for moderate outdoor exercise, such as a bike ride or run around your neighborhood. However, wearing eye protection is recommended if you ride or run in a wooded area.

Group Fitness Classes After LASIK — 5 Days

Studio fitness classes are back on the table five days after your LASIK eye surgery! Whether you prefer CrossFit, yoga or just working out in a group setting, now is the time to return to the gym. While eye protection isn’t required for these activities, it’s important to always be careful and bring your own towel to keep your eyes free of sweat.

Skiing, Snowboarding, Swimming and More After LASIK — 2 Weeks

At the two-week mark, you’ll be ready for many of the more adventurous outdoor activities you enjoy, but wearing eye protection is key. From basketball and volleyball to martial arts, skiing and snowboarding, you’ll need to wear eye protection for about three months while doing any of these exercises after LASIK eye surgery.

Ready to jump into the pool for laps or just for fun? Go for it; no goggles are required! This is one of the most liberating moments when you can see underwater for the first time!

Scuba Diving After LASIK — 1 Month

If you’re planning on scuba diving any time after your LASIK eye surgery, keep an eye on the calendar — you’ll need to wait one month after your surgery before you schedule scuba diving.

Ready for Anything — 3 Months

Once it’s been three months since your LASIK eye surgery, you can finally enjoy your full range of athletic activities without needing eye protection! Keep in mind, though, that some sports always require eye protection, such as racquetball, squash and handball, to name a few. Having LASIK does not need to slow you down — while you may need to slightly adjust your habits to safely exercise after LASIK, the recovery should easily fit into your routine!

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