It is easy to be scared about LASIK. After all these are the only eyes you have. By listening to the media you may become even more scared. So how do you listen to media stories that scare you and then try to get the courage to go have a LASIK consultation?

Look carefully at the whole piece. A few things you should look for are:

  • Who is providing the information? Are they certified or considered an expert?
  • How relevant is their information? Is it current or dated?
  • Are both sides of the story presented?
  • Look carefully and determine if this is fact or opinion.
  • Is this information specific to your doctor or the technology your doctor uses?

In the 21st century we are fortunate enough to have lots of media (television, internet, social). If you are going to listen to one media story you owe it to yourself to look at several. So instead of avoiding that LASIK consultation because of what you saw while you were drinking your coffee this morning, jump on your computer and do a little more leg work.

  • Google your Ophthalmologist.
  • Visit the Ophthalmologist website.
  • Does this doctor have a Facebook page? What are fans saying?
  • Cross reference what you saw on the news with information on your doctor.
  • Write down your questions and concerns you learned from the media piece. You should meet your LASIK surgeon during your initial consultation and he should be willing to answer all of your questions and concerns no matter how long it takes. If he does not you should find another doctor.

It is okay to be scared, but not based on information that is not applicable, misleading, or dated.
What other suggestions do you have for finding the right LASIK surgeon?
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