Some people are intimidated or scared of the idea of laser eye surgery even if they really want all the benefits of LASIK vision correction. Don’t be afraid! Here are 5 reasons not to be scared of getting LASIK:

1. We have the fastest LASIK laser available.

The WaveLight EX500 laser is the fastest laser approved by the FDA. It maintains the natural shape of the cornea for most patients, resulting in the best vision possible. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes!

2. Our cutting-edge equipment is extremely precise.

The high-speed eye tracker of the WaveLight EX500 follows the eye’s fastest movements, checking the eye’s position 1000 times per second! This LASIK technology ensures accurate placement of each pulse on the cornea. Other eye trackers track at a rate of 500, 200 or even 60 frames per second!

3. It doesn't hurt - Really!

Thanks to numbing drops that are instilled into your eye, our patients feel virtually nothing during the procedure. The surgeon will put a small instrument on your eye to keep your eye open for you, this creates a little pressure, but no pain.

4. You can go back to most of your normal activities the next day.

Although we don't recommend contact sports the day after your procedure, you can drive, read, and go about your daily routine the day after your LASIK eye surgery. Check out what the entire LASIK recovery process looks like.

5. Our surgeons are the best reason not to be afraid.

Drs. Mozayeni and Nunnery care about you as an individual and treat you that way! This is not a production line. You will be talked through every step of the process. They are both fellowship trained Corneal specialists making them uniquely train to do laser vision correction surgery.

See, LASIK isn’t so scary after all.

Less afraid and more excited?

If you are ready to see if you are an ideal candidate of LASIK eye surgery, take the next step.