At Providence Eye, we frequently discuss with our patients how laser vision correction surgery could offer some relief from pesky seasonal allergies by eliminating the need for contacts.

Seasonal Allergies and Contacts

Spring is in the air, and that means the start of a love/hate relationship in the Charlotte and western North Carolina area. The trees are turning green, flowers are blooming and temperatures are warming. But along with all of that comes pollen, itchy eyes and sneezing. For many people, springtime is pure misery, and as people age, their reactions to seasonal allergies sometimes only get worse.

Tips for Dealing with Allergies & Contacts

For contact lens wearers, springtime and the start of allergy season can be a really difficult time. Here are a few tips to gain some relief:

  • Try not to rub your eyes. This will only make things worse.
  • Keep your eyes and contacts moist. Artificial tears can help keep the corneas rinsed of allergens and pollen.
  • Our doctors recommend preservative-free artificial tears, as they can be more soothing and less likely to add to the irritation you are already experiencing.
  • Keep artificial tears in the refrigerator. Cold drops in the eye can really soothe irritation and help stop any itching.
  • Remember: always stick with name brand eye drops.
  • Do not use Visine! This solution is a temporarily fix for irritation and is only masking your symptoms, not curing them.
  • Keep a backup pair of glasses nearby in lieu of your contacts. The mix of irritation, allergies and contacts could affect your eyes to the point where you are unable to wear your contacts.

Still no relief even with the above tips? You may need to buy medicated eye drops. There are various over-the-counter drops that our doctors recommend. However, the problems allergies and contacts can cause during any season may require a visit to your ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Consider LASIK for Permanent Relief

Can’t even wear your contacts during allergy season? Then you may want to consider laser vision correction surgery. Contacts compound the problems that allergies bring. If your eyes are already irritated, using plastic/silicone contact lenses on your eyes every day will start to cause irritation with you. LASIK is simple, fast and actually can be safer than wearing contact lenses!

If allergies and contacts are causing you pain and constant irritation, contact Providence Eye & Laser Specialists today. Dr. Mills can make some recommendations to get you through the rough allergy season. Or, if you are considering your laser vision correction options and are ready to see more and live better, schedule a free LASIK consultation with Dr. Mozayeni.