So, you just had laser eye surgery and your eyes are feeling dry, not to worry!

Let Us Take Care of Your Dry Eye Symptoms

Post-LASIK dryness can be common and is extremely easy to manage. Not all LASIK patients will experience dry eye symptoms, however we choose to proactively manage dryness, with artificial tears, to ensure that the excellent vision results we are expecting after surgery are not compromised.

Selecting the Right Artificial Tears for Your Dry Eye Symptoms

At Providence Eye, we offer a few simple guidelines in regard to artificial tear selection to provide a consistent result among our patients. We always recommend the use of preservative-free tears (in the vials) over artificial tears in the bottle. This is because the preservatives in the bottle drops can sometimes irritate the eye if used more than 3-4 times per day.

The use of generic brand artificial tears and drops, even if they are preservative-free, is discouraged. Below is a list of the preservative-free artificial tears and drops that we recommend because they have proven to be successful for our patients.

  • Refresh®
  • TheraTears®
  • GenTeal®

Every patient at Providence Eye is given clear instructions of how many times per day to use these artificial tears for the first few weeks following their LASIK surgery.

Artificial tears aren’t only recommended for people post-LASIK surgery. They are a great way to manage any dry eye symptoms from things such as contact lens wear, ocular allergies, systemic medications, prolonged computer use or climate/environment induced dryness.

If you’d like to talk with one of our eye care specialist about LASIK vision correction or have general eye care questions and concerns, contact us today to schedule an appointment with Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. Dr. Vanessa Mills is now accepting patients of the age of 10 for general eye care.