LASIK eye surgery is a lifelong investment that is definitely worth every penny! At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, many of our patients have said that having LASIK changed their life for the better. Do you feel like you can’t afford the LASIK eye surgery price? Luckily, there are several methods to evaluate when figuring out how to cover the cost of LASIK. Consider these seven different ways to cover the LASIK eye surgery price outlined below.

1. Tax Refunds

Use this year’s federal and state tax refunds to make the cost of LASIK more affordable.

2. Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Leverage pre-tax dollars to help pay for LASIK eye surgery with an HSA and/or an FSA.

3. Credit Cards

Use a credit card with a low-interest rate to help cover the cost of LASIK eye surgery.

4. Personal Savings

Paying with the cash you already have is the simplest method to use when figuring out how to pay for LASIK eye surgery. You will not have any debt after your procedure if you use this method. If you do not have enough savings to cover LASIK eye surgery price, consider using a partial cash payment. Cash payments can be in the form of check, debit card or cash. Some practices offer a discount for paying cash as it means they do not have to pay the fee to the credit card company.

5. Personal Bank Loans

Typically based on your credit and income, these are secured loans from a bank, credit union or loan company. They can lend you money at a certain rate with a specific repayment plan, but often require collateral (an asset you own) before issuing.

6. Loans from Family or Friends

Ask your family or friends for a personal loan. Set up a gift profile on sites like, or To help make personal, informal lending more contractual and less uncomfortable, companies such as and exist.

7. Third Party Financing

Some patients choose to set up payment plans with a LASIK eye surgery financing company, such as Care Credit or Wells Fargo Health Advantage to make their LASIK more affordable. These companies typically offer 0% interest plans as long as you make payment according to their terms.

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we know that every patient is different from their eyes to their personal financial plans. That is why it is imperative for LASIK candidates to research, compare options and weigh the pros and cons of each payment method when figuring out how to pay for LASIK eye surgery.

The first step in evaluating a practice for your laser eye surgery is to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Patients should thoroughly evaluate multiple LASIK surgeons before choosing the best one. Always compare the surgeons’ experience and the price quotes to avoid hidden fees or “starting at” prices.

If you are interested in having vision correction surgery but are still figuring out how to pay for the cost of LASIK, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. We believe in honest, straight-forward pricing, and are happy to discuss payment methods directly with you.