Oftentimes, we miss out on life’s little pleasures when we’re not focused on them, and any time we’re without our glasses or contact lenses when we need them, the world around us is less clear. LASIK vision correction surgery at Providence Eye can give you the eyesight that you need to enjoy life to the fullest. Discover a few of the everyday tasks that are made easier or better after your LASIK surgery.

1. Packing for Vacations

We have all done it, forgotten to pack glasses or contacts when leaving on vacation - It’s a real problem! Your first road trip or flight after your LASIK surgery will require at least one less thing to worry about packing for a trip, and you’ll avoid the stress of having to replace anything that may be damaged or lost during your travels.

2. Cleaning Around the House

You may be surprised after your LASIK surgery that you notice your home needs a little more cleaning and TLC. Straighten every picture on your wall, dust away cobwebs you may have missed and get your home as pristine as your post-LASIK vision.

3. Falling Asleep

When you’re done with a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is remember to take out your contact lenses before you go to bed. Having LASIK surgery means you can eliminate at least one step in your nighttime routine, which will get you to bed and off to sleep more quickly. Bonus - you can now take a nap without worring about taking off your glasses or removing your contacts!

4. Wearing Makeup

Your LASIK surgery can have you feeling more confident than ever, so why not embrace it? Put on your favorite going-out outfit, do your makeup and enjoy a night out with your friends or spouse without worrying about watery, irritated eyes from contacts or your glasses smudging your makeup.

5. Driving

Do you ever worry about having to drive on a day you don’t feel like wearing your contact lenses or glasses? After LASIK, you’ll be able to run last-minute errands on a whim without having to think about wearing glasses or contacts, and you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you’ll see every road sign and traffic signal clearly.

6. Picking Up New Hobbies

With so many day-to-day tasks made easier without glasses or contacts, you can spend your free time diving into hobbies you may not have considered prior to LASIK. If you’re artistic, consider trying watercolor painting or embroidery, and if you’re not, practice your skills in the kitchen and enjoy cooking without steaming up your glasses.

7. Working Out

No matter what type of workouts you prefer, from yoga to running to swimming, your clear vision will open a world of possibilities for you in your active life. You may even want to try some new, adventurous activities that would not have been possible with glasses, such as rock climbing or zip-lining.

8. Taking Pictures

Your camera will become your new best friend once you’re able to focus on the world around you with sharper vision. Take photographs of everything in your world that you can see more clearly, from sunsets to selfies. Plus, when you’re in the photos themselves, you’ll be empowered to pose more confidently than ever with your new-and-improved vision.

9. Reading

Whether you prefer reading the newspaper in the morning or an old mystery novel at night, every word will be crystal-clear after your LASIK surgery. Enjoy every page without worrying about needing the right reading glasses or getting a headache, and you’ll be able to bring a book with you outside on a sunny day or by a reading light at night.

10. Spending Time With Family

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than spending time with the people you love. From soccer games with your kids to date nights with your spouse to holiday dinners with your in-laws, soak in every moment you can and enjoy the little things every day.

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