LASIK Eye Surgery Facts For All Ages

Is LASIK okay for your children or teens? Is LASIK riskier for a senior than a middle-aged adult?

For most any surgical procedures, there is an ideal age range for patients. For LASIK, these ages are set to capture patients with stable vision and a relatively healthy corneal history. Below is information regarding children, teens, middle-aged and senior patients interested in age-related information about laser eye surgery.


Children, Pre-Teens and Teenagers

The FDA has approved LASIK for patients over the age of 18.  The reason for this is that in order to have the best possible outcome with LASIK ones vision needs to be stable.  This does not typically happen until at least 18 years of age.


If you are over 40, you may begin to experience trouble reading or seeing things up close. Or you may find that your current lens prescription does not sufficiently cover all of your visual needs. If so, there are two LASIK options to correct declining reading vision: Monovision and PresbyLASIK. Read these LASIK pages for more insight on procedures, technology used and benefits.


In your later stages in life, LASIK is still a viable option. Patients with age-related issues like cataracts and glaucoma are typically not good LASIK candidates and should be seeing a specialist to care for these conditions. However, with healthy lens, elders can have LASIK surgery if it is determined that they are a good candidate during a consultation. Soon, you can be on your way to the 20/20 vision you had in your twenties.

LASIK is great for many walks of life. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, Dr. Mozayeni is dedicated to providing patients with quality care and alternatives. Be sure to discuss any questions or age-related concerns with your doctor or surgeon during a consultation.

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