When a patient comes in for an initial LASIK consultation, we often hear the assumptions and misconceptions they bring with them about laser vision correction surgery. We debunk these common LASIK myths one-by-one:

LASIK Myth #1: You can’t have LASIK over 40

False! There are two common vision...


At Providence Eye, we frequently discuss with our patients how laser vision correction surgery could offer some relief from pesky seasonal allergies by eliminating the need for contacts.

Seasonal Allergies and Contacts 

Spring is in the air, and that means the start of a love/hate relationship in...



When an optometrist tells a patient they have keratoconusthe common response is, "What is that?" Unfortunately, it is not a clear-cut answer. Fully understanding the condition and what causes it can take time and effort.

Defining “Keratoconus”

The basics of keratoconus are that...


If you are like many of our presbyopia patients at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists who are dependent on readers, you are interested in learning about corrective eye surgery options. It has been a long time coming but there is good news! Check out the corneal inlay FAQ below with answers provided...


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