LASIK eye surgery is a lifelong investment that is definitely the worth the price! Feel like you can’t afford it? Luckily, there are several methods someone can consider when figuring out how to cover the cost of LASIK.

Consider these 7 ways to pay for LASIK eye surgery:

  1. Tax Refunds: Use this...


As the old adage goes “One size does not fit all.” This holds true for the shoes and types of LASIK eye surgery. Just as you would never buy a shoe that is 2 sizes too small, you certainly do not want to have a laser eye procedure that does not fit your needs medically or visually.

A good LASIK...


As the old adage goes “One size does not fit all.” This is true for shoes, smart phones, and definitely laser eye surgery. So how do you know which type of LASIK is right for you, and what factors to consider?

A good LASIK surgeon should really start off with a blank slate and determine the right...


Several systemic conditions can be diagnosed by a general eye care examination of the back of your eye. In this blog, Dr. Madaris shares with you one example of a disease that can be diagnosed through annual eye exams and how annual exams can indicate things about your overall health.

When your...


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