If you are a busy young professional with an active personal life, then one of your top questions may be, “How long does LASIK take?” At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists we understand that time is valuable. Our staff understands you, and more importantly, they listen to you. Having a LASIK consultation does require a time commitment (about 2 hours) since it is a thorough process to determine if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery and which procedure is the best solution for your unique eyes, but it is worth it! So, to answer your question, “how long does LASIK take?” here are 6 reasons why young professionals choose Providence Eye for their laser eye surgery:

1. Our team is respectful of your time.

Upon arrival you may be tempted to relax in the welcoming reception area and take in the beautiful images of the Charlotte skyline, but don’t get too comfortable. You will likely start your consultation within 5-10 minutes of your arrival.

2. Efficiently multi-tasking is one of our strengths.

To determine if you’re a candidate for laser eye surgery, Dr. Mozayeni needs to dilate your eyes to examine each eye from the front to the back. During the time it takes for your eyes to dilate, you will watch a comprehensive patient education video to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about laser eye surgery.

3. Dr. Mozayeni uses state-of-the-art technology every step of the way.

Dr. Mozayeni has always made it a priority to only use state-of-the-art technology. This is true for each stage of the process from the initial consultation, to the LASIK procedure, and post-operative care.

The team will use the pentacam to take 25,000 images of your cornea in a matter of a few seconds. This data helps Dr. Mozayeni determine if you are an ideal candidate.

The state-of-the-art laser suite is pristine and a focal point of Dr. Mozayeni’s office. It features the WaveLight FS200 and the WaveLight EX500.

4. You won’t find paper in this office. Everything is electronic.

You will be asked to complete your patient registration online prior to your arrival, which allows you to save time in the reception area on the day of your consultation, no waiting or filling out pesky paperwork on an old-fashioned clipboard.

Appointment confirmations are sent via email and text. The team is happy to customize this to your desired frequency.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Dr. Mozayeni uses state-of–the-art EMR to maintain and protect all pertinent medical information. Your privacy is one of our top concerns

5. We know you don’t like surprises when it comes to your health.

Surprise parties great, but when it comes to laser eye surgery, Providence Eye believes in being honest and straightforward. You can expect that there will never be surprises, especially when it comes to the procedure or cost of LASIK.

During the consultation, the ophthalmic technician will explain everything all along the way. And by the way, nothing they do hurts and no blowing that annoying puff of air in your eye!

On the day of your LASIK surgery, Dr. Mozayeni and the ophthalmic technician are with you every step of the way explaining the process to alleviate your concerns or anxiety.

Guess what, no surprises also applies to the cost of LASIK with Dr. Mozayeni! Providence Eye will provide pricing to you, in writing, no bait and switch or surprise extra charges. Just honest and straightforward.

6. You can expect an average 24-hour LASIK recovery time with Dr. Mozayeni.

It's true! You can have laser eye surgery one day, and the very next day, after Dr. Mozayeni has checked your vision and confirmed that your corneas are healing appropriately, he will clear you for most of your normal daily activities. That’s right, you can go back to work, out to dinner, and after a short 2 day break from exercising, you can jump right back into the routine.

If you are still asking, “How long does LASIK take?” you should be asking “Why did I wait so long?” Many of Dr. Mozayeni’s patients, especially young professionals, say that the laser eye surgery process was easier than they expected. So don’t put it off any longer. You could have decades of better vision. For a complimentary LASIK consultation, contact us to schedule yours today.

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