With the rise in popularity of online videos as an educational tool, it may be tempting to search for LASIK videos on YouTube for information about the LASIK procedure. There are many educational videos published by reputable surgeons and laser manufacturers. However, we caution patients when it comes to random videos especially when the title is “My LASIK Surgery” “Watch LIVE LASIK” after all do you really want to see an eyeball that close? There are multiple reason why we do not recommend watching these types of videos.

Reasons You Should Not Watch Generic LASIK Videos on YouTube

  1. At Providence Eye, each LASIK experience is personalized (as it should be), so each experience may be a little different. If you are a good candidate and decide to get LASIK, your procedure may look different than what you see on LASIK videos on YouTube.
  2. Not all practices use the same technology. This can make a huge difference. Providence Eye has invested in the most sophisticated FDA approved all laser technology. At Providence Eye believe in providing the latest and safest state-of-the-art technology for all of our patients. In an effort to reduce the cost of LASIK, some practices continue using older equipment and methodologies long after newer and proven safer equipment becomes available. For this reason, what is depicted in online LASIK videos is not necessarily an accurate or standard depiction of the procedure.
  3. Get Educated don’t Get frightened! Watching the LASIK procedure up close in a video is not a wise decision for the average patient. After all, do you really want to see an eyeball that close! Additionally, as a patient you don’t actually know what you are looking at. Is an inexperienced surgeon doing this surgery? The procedure may look awkward but in fact it may be 100% correct or it may be completely wrong, how would you know? If you want to be educated, and not frightened, watch videos provide by LASIK surgeons that you are considering. Those are the ones that are most important.

The Providence Eye Difference – Come See For Yourself!

To truly understand LASIK surgery you need to be properly evaluated and educated by a reputable LASIK surgeon. At Providence Eye we have multiple patient education LASIK videos to share with you. You will meet directly with either Dr. Mozayeni or Dr. Nunnery to determine if you are an ideal candidate for LASIK and we will show you our laser suite so you will be able to see for yourself the state of the art facilities. Don’t rely on “Dr. YouTube” to explain LASIK to you, listen to an expert LASIK surgeon.

If you must watch LASIK videos online as a source of information, you can visit our YouTube channel for testimonials, Q&A videos with Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery, a tour of our facility and more, but we still recommend that you schedule your free consultation and talk to one our our surgeons for yourself.