If you are considering LASIK, you may be wondering what the most important step is during LASIK. You think, “It must be when the doctor aims the laser”, “...must be how they move the laser” or “when they prep my eyes…”

Truth is - the most important step is actually before you have LASIK. It is determining if you are a candidate. Determining candidacy is the most important step, because if you are not a candidate and you do go forward with LASIK, you may not have an optimal outcome or worse have complications.

Determine if You’re a Candidate in Three Steps

  • First, find a reputable LASIK surgeon in your community. Start by asking friends, visiting web sites and reading doctor reviews on popular medical and healthcare rating sites. A cornea specialist would be the best-case scenario, since LASIK is surgery on the cornea. A cornea specialist sees your eye in much greater detail than any other type of Ophthalmologist and can detect minor corneal issues that may not make you a good candidate.
  • Next, schedule a consultation. It is industry standard for this consultation to be complimentary. A thorough consultation should take between 2 – 2.5 hours , it needs to be a dilated exam, and should include (but not limited to) the following:
    • Vision history review
    • Vision check
    • Corneal mapping to determine corneal thickness & topography
    • Eye health examination
    • Examination by the surgeon, not just an optometrist or technician

Find out other things to expect during a LASIK consultation.

  • The final most important step during your consultation is meeting your surgeon. You should be able to ask him as many questions as you would like and you should feel comfortable when speaking to him or her. Trust your gut. A second opinion is always a good idea no matter what type of medical procedure you are considering.

Take the first step, start your research. You could soon be on the road to better vision!

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