If you have felt FOMO, when it comes to LASIK vision correction, you are not alone. “What is LASIK FOMO?”, it is the Fear Of Missing Out on LASIK eye surgery.


As you scroll through your social media streams, you have probably noticed your friends and family posting openly that they ditched their glasses or contacts for LASIK eye surgery and raved online about their new and improved vision. If seeing these posts makes you a little envious, then you have FOMO.

Even if you are not active on social media, you have probably overheard in your office or at a dinner party unsolicited LASIK reviews from people boasting about their 20/20 vision or share each-and-every detail of their patient experience.

If you have not yet experienced this LASIK FOMO first hand, just pop over to Facebook or Instagram and search the term #LASIK. Here is just a small taste of the real LASIK conversations happening on social media, specifically Instagram:

The #1 Culprit of FOMO: Real LASIK Reviews on Social Media

“@ProvidenceEye #lasik surgery yesterday at 11am back to work today 20/15 vision #charlotte"

“Look ma, no glasses! A little over 24 hours post-op and I’m seeing 20/20 #lasik #providenceeye #gamechnager #loveit #nomorefoureyes #nomorecontacts"

"From > 20/800 to 20/20 #greeneyes #eyes Thanks, @ProvidenceEye"

No More When, How or What. Is LASIK for you?

If LASIK eye surgery is something you have been considering, there is a high probability that you can relate to at least one of the posts above. If you have FOMO when it comes to laser eye surgery then take the first step. Start by making the first phone call and scheduling a consultation before doing anything else; it’s FREE and at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists there is never any pressure to sign a dotted line. After all you are not buying a car, this is surgery on your eyes!

Perhaps you are a little leery of LASIK because you have a friend who was not thrilled with their experience. It’s important to remember that every surgeon and every person is different; comparing lasik eye surgery results does not give you answers about your situation. Dr. Mozayeni and his friendly professional team can ease your fears by giving you an in-depth understanding of your cornea using their state of the art Pentacam corneal mapping technology. Dr. Mozayeni’s investment in the most advanced LASIK technology ensures that you can rest easy in the best care – and better yet, eliminate your FOMO.

If a temporary financial or medical situation is holding you back and causing LASIK FOMO, do not rush into a decision about LASIK eye surgery. At the end of the day, undergoing laser eye surgery is a personal decision, and what is right for your friends may not be the right decision for you, but before you make any definitive decisions, come see us first at Providence Eye.

Say So Long to FOMO for Good

If you are ready to say goodbye to LASIK FOMO, here are the basic requirements for laser eye surgery:

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Vision stability for at least 12 months
  • Nearsighted and/or astigmatism
  • Occasional cases of LASIK #FOMO

If you are interested in ditching the FOMO and ready to write your own glowing LASIK review about your new and improved vision, call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye.