As our community has transitioned to wearing masks while out and about, it’s important to make sure we do so in a safe and comfortable way. For people who wear glasses daily, wearing a mask to prevent the spread of illness has become a necessary nuisance, but there are tricks to make mask-wearing as comfortable as possible. Here are some helpful tips to wear your face mask without fogging up your glasses.

1. Make sure your mask is fitted to your face

Your mask should fit over your nose and mouth with little to no gaping at the sides. If your mask is securely covering your nose bridge, warm air is less likely to escape upwards and fog up your glasses.

2. Wash your glasses with soap and water

Another trick to keeping your lenses fog-free is washing your glasses with soap and water and wiping with a soft cloth. After you wash your glasses, a thin film is left on your lenses that can prevent fogging. If your glasses have a special coating on them, check with your optician before washing your glasses with soap and water to make sure it’s safe.

3. Wear your glasses over your mask

If it’s comfortable for you, you can wear your glasses lower on your nose to cover the fabric of your mask and keep it in place. Positioning your mask safely is incredibly important with this method, so make sure your mask still fits over your nose and mouth with no gaps.

4. Consider LASIK

Want to know the most surefire way to ensure that a face mask doesn’t fog up your glasses? Get rid of your glasses altogether. With work-from-home options available for many and beautiful summer weather to enjoy, now is the perfect time to consider LASIK.

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