If you’re thinking about getting LASIK eye surgery, you might be anxious about the actual day of surgery. This video blog featuring Cassiday, the Gossip Gangster and co-host of The Drex and Maney Show on Kiss 95.1, gives you a sneak peek into the LASIK experience before, during and after a LASIK procedure.

See for yourself how easy LASIK surgery can be at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. Cassiday will walk you through the entire process, from the waiting room to the laser room.

At Providence Eye, we pride ourselves in providing a LASIK experience devoted to only one patient at a time. “You’re not waiting for a ton of people. It’s just me and the doctor today,” said Cassiday.

Watch as both of Cassiday’s eyes are corrected in only 10 minutes start to finish. “That was so easy - no pain at all […] I can’t believe how fast it was,” said Cassiday as she sat up from the laser bed after surgery. “That was awesome!”