In part I of this series, we talked about how technology affects the cost of LASIK. In part II of this series, we discussed the expertise, education and experience level of your LASIK eye surgeon. A third major pricing factor that influences the cost of LASIK is the level of patient care you receive before, during and after vision correction.

The Cost of LASIK & Patient Care

Two-Way Communication Factors into Level of Care

“Providence” is defined as having foresight, care and preparation for the future. This term’s meaning is how Dr. Mozayeni decided on the name of his practice, centering Providence Eye & Laser Specialists on sincere communication that provides foresight into LASIK and how it can improve a patient’s quality of life.

Open, two-way communication between the surgeon and the patient is critical before, during and after LASIK surgery. Patients who have questions and/or fears about LASIK deserve simple, clear honest answers. Dr. Mozayeni is dedicated to taking the time needed to answer all questions with every patient before they have vision correction.

The cost of LASIK can be tied to the depth of attention your LASIK surgeon provides you. LASIK surgeons who take time to spend with each patient and focus on each individual see fewer patients than those who rush and do not provide individualized care. Many facilities do not offer a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon until procedure day. Being examined by a LASIK surgeon during the consultation is critical to ensure you are an ideal candidate. About 20% of patients that Dr. Mozayeni see are not ideal LASIK candidate and could have detrimental side effects if they were to go forward with LASIK unknowingly. Additionally, not meeting your LASIK surgeon in advance can result in additional anxiety, increased fear and uncertainty. However, with two-way communication throughout the consultation and surgery process, a LASIK surgeon can:

  • Better educate the patient by answering all of their questions
  • Set clear, reasonable expectations about the day of the procedure and what to expect post-op
  • Pinpoint what type of LASIK (if any)best suits their lifestyle and vision needs
  • Explain, in detail, if and why someone may not be a good LASIK candidate.
  • Keep in touch with patients after their surgery in a genuine way that prompts honest feedback (i.e. asking how their “bedside manner” was through the whole process, sending them a survey on how they were treated in your office, etc.)

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is critical when being evaluated for LASIK. Finding a surgeon who considers every detail about your eyes and general health should be your top priority. For instance, Dr. Mozayeni is very meticulous during LASIK consultations, considering all factors related to your vision & eye health. He will always dilate your eyes because that gives him the ability to look deeper into your eyes’ structure including the back of your eye. LASIK surgeons who investigate whether or not you truly need LASIK provide a higher level of patient care, which influences the cost of LASIK.

General Care & Follow-Ups

Aside from the need for meticulous attention to detail, it is important to select a LASIK surgeon who genuinely cares for you and your well-being. Being a caring doctor is not something you learn in medical school. Caring is who you are. Dr. Mozayeni cares about each and every patient and makes medical recommendations as if they are members of his own family. He instills this philosophy in his entire staff.

Receiving a high level of patient care at a LASIK facility means more than having a successful procedure. Great patient care also includes easing fears you may have on, before, during or after surgery.

Even follow-up appointments that are included in the cost of LASIK reveal the level of patient care you are receiving. For instance, Providence Eye provides a year of follow-up appointments that are included in the cost of LASIK – which is not a requirement in the industry. That’s because Dr. Mozayeni wants to ensure you have the most optimal outcome possible – even after you’ve paid your bill and your corneal tissue has healed.

If you are concerned about the cost of LASIK, contact the Providence Eye office today so that you can understand the investment you are making. You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Mozayeni, whose top priority is to help you see more and live better through impeccable patient care.