Part 2 – Surgeon Experience

In part I of this series, we talked about how technology affects the cost of LASIK. Another factor that determines the cost of LASIK is the surgeon’s experience; a significant part of what you pay for when getting vision correction.

LASIK Eye Surgeons & Education

If you choose to consider more than one LASIK surgeon you will likely notice that the cost of LASIK can change based on the amount of education, experience and expertise they have.

The minimum requirements to become a LASIK eye surgeon are:

  • Four years of undergraduate college
  • Four years of medical school
  • One year internship at a hospital
  • Three to four years of residency training in Ophthalmology

After completing the above requirements, some LASIK eye surgeons continue their education so they can refine skills and gain more experience. For instance, Dr. Mozayeni is a fellowship-trained cornea specialist, meaning he completed an additional year of training focusing exclusively on the cornea, the front of the eye. This is significant because LASIK is surgery on the cornea. Choosing to continue his education has enabled Dr. Mozayeni to truly understand the cornea and how LASIK can affect the cornea and your vision for the rest of your life. With 20 years of experience performing laser vision correction and the past 15 focusing exclusively on LASIK, Dr. Mozayeni’s training and experience have made him an expert.

How much does a LASIK eye surgeon’s experience matter?

Experience matters when it comes to performing LASIK. A surgeon who performs LASIK on 75 pairs of eyes per month becomes significantly more skilled than a surgeon who performs LASIK on 10 pairs of eyes per month. There are two reasons for this:

1) Simply doing a procedure more frequently makes you better at utilizing this complex technology and performing the procedure.
2) The more LASIK patients you see the more eyes you see. Everyone’s eyes are different and need to be treated differently.

Not everyone has the same LASIK procedure. Your prescription, astigmatism, shape of your eye, tear production, corneal shape, strength and thickness (to name a few) all weigh into how LASIK is executed on each individual eye. No two eyes are the same - not even in the same person. Surgeon experience does (and should) influence the cost of LASIK.

In most cases, LASIK is a “you get what you pay for” scenario. So, if your surgeon lacks the experience and/or expertise needed to perform a safe, comfortable procedure on your eyes, you may have a lower price. This could put the long-term wellbeing of your eyes at risk.

Some LASIK practices claim to offer a lower price for the same amount of quality, but oftentimes these are “bait and switch” tactics. These offers are usually “starting at prices” that include hidden fees, the use of outdated technology and/or a procedure done by a less experienced surgeon or a surgeon who flies in and out of town just to do surgery on one day. The best chance of obtaining an optimal result is to select a surgeon and a practice where the cost of LASIK is clearly defined. This eliminates any unforeseen financial surprises.

When planning a consultation with any LASIK eye surgeon’s offices, be sure to:

  • Ask if you will be examined during the consultation by the LASIK surgeon who will be performing your procedure. A consultation with a technician and/or Optometrist (OD not an MD) will not be as thorough since neither is the actual surgeon. Being deemed an ideal candidate is a critical step in the process.
  • Ask if the surgeon specializes in LASIK.
    • Many Ophthalmologists perform LASIK in addition to performing other eye procedures, but only on a part-time basis. Look for someone who specializes in LASIK and has performed a large number of LASIK surgeries, since they are more likely to be a highly skilled surgeon.

Find a Surgeon Who is Precise & Personable

Obtaining an optimal outcome with LASIK first requires a thorough patient evaluation. To properly evaluate if you are an ideal LASIK candidate, your surgeon must have a comprehensive understanding of the cornea, as this is the part of the eye that is reshaped during surgery.

Dr. Mozayeni has been performing laser vision correction procedures since 1995. When he opened Providence Eye in 2003, he made the decision to dedicate himself and his practice to LASIK so he would be a true expert. Dr. Mozayeni has evaluated tens of thousands of eyes using a very thorough consultation process that looks at your vision, a detailed analysis of your cornea and the health of your eye. Dr. Mozayeni values his patients very deeply, and delivers a comforting bedside manner to each of them.

After having LASIK, he makes it a point to personally call and check on them to ensure they have no questions or concerns and are healing as expected. When selecting a LASIK surgeon for yourself, do your research and read reviews. Find a LASIK eye surgeon who is reputable, experienced and offers open, honest two-way communication with their patients. Doing this research can help you accurately determine and evaluate the cost of LASIK.

Come meet Dr. Mozayeni, get to know him and learn about his expertise for yourself. He will answer any questions you have and his team will review the cost of LASIK in a straightforward way.

If you’re tired of wearing glasses and/or contacts, contact our office and take the first step towards seeing more and living better.

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