There is no doubt in this economy that everyone is carefully watching their expenses. Making the decision to save money for any elective procedure is a big one. Making the decision to have LASIK is even bigger. It is natural to gravitate to advertisements that you hear offering discounts. "$1000 off LASIK!!" Sounds great. How can you go wrong? LASIK is LASIK right? Wrong.

LASIK is a delicate procedure. After all, it is on your eye, considered to be one of the most delicate parts of your body. If you were looking for a heart surgeon would you be looking for a $1,000 off your by pass surgery? Probably not. The wide spread acceptance of LASIK has made people believe that any eye doctor can perform LASIK surgery. It is true that any Ophthalmologist (eye doctor with a MD) can perform LASIK. But did you know that some eye doctors go to additional training called fellowships. This makes them experts in their field. LASIK is performed on the cornea. It would make sense to have a cornea specialist perform such a delicate procedure.

Cost of LASIK: What's Included

With that $1,000 off, what are you getting? More importantly, what are you not getting?

  • How much time will your doctor give you to determine if you are a candidate?
  • Will the doctor be involved in your initial consultation, do the entire procedure, and be involved in your post-operative care?
  • Will they be using all of the technology available to determine if you are a good candidate?
  • What type of post operative care will you receive?
  • Is the price the same no matter how “blind” you are?

Using price as one of your factors in making a decision about LASIK is fine. But look for a cornea specialist who performs LASIK. Ask how many procedures they have done. Ask how many people they turn away due to them not being a good candidate. Ask lots of questions about price. Make sure you know what you are getting and what you are paying for.

$1,000 off sounds great but looks can be deceiving.

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