Daily life can be stressful, especially for people with glasses and contacts. If you need vision correction, you may not realize that you’ve spent most of your day adjusting those pesky glasses. Thankfully there is LASIK eye surgery. This vision correction procedure allows you to see everything from the intricacies of a flower to the true beauty of your favorite mountain overlook. Explore the top benefits of LASIK eye surgery.

Here are 15 benefits of LASIK eye surgery and what you can expect after your vision correction procedure:

  1. Wear ski and/or swim goggles comfortably, without your glasses, after LASIK.
  2. Get dressed without worrying if your glasses match your outfit.
  3. Give your sweetheart a kiss on the lips without your glasses getting in the way.
  4. Drink your favorite hot beverage without fogging up your glasses.
  5. Take a nap on a long plane ride without worrying about your contacts.
  6. Enjoy a day at the beach or on the ski slopes instead of going back to your room to take out your contacts.
  7. Sing along to Taylor Swift’s song “Eyes Open” as you enjoy scenic road trips through new eyes.
  8. See each individual star in the sky as they shine bright on summer nights.
  9. Read the music on the screen rather than just “winging it” when you sing karaoke with friends.
  10. Turn up the heat on your early morning car ride without fogging up your glasses.
  11. Avoid last-minute lane changes and fights with your backseat drivers because you can finally see the exit signs in the distance.
  12. Read the recipe card easily for your grandma’s famous cookies.
  13. Scuba dive or snorkel on your tropical vacation without a special mask.
  14. See just how big that audience is at your child’s school play.

And the final benefit of LASIK eye surgery you can expect is:

Put the inconvenience of wearing contacts and glasses behind you!

These benefits of LASIK eye surgery should help you better understand the wonderful things you can experience after vision correction surgery. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary LASIK consultation with either Dr. Mozayeni or Dr. Nunnery.