When you decide you’re ready to take the leap and consider laser vision correction surgery, there are a lot of exciting doors to open ahead of you, from seeing the everyday world more clearly to taking adventures you never thought possible before. Here are our top five things to do before and after your vision correction surgery.

Before Your Laser Vision Correction Surgery

1. Take Your Last Selfie With Glasses

Celebrate your last day before your vision correction surgery by taking a selfie wearing your glasses. You’ll be able to look back and see a difference in your appearance simply based on the glasses you used to wear.

2. Find a Place to Recycle Your Glasses/Contacts

Make sure you properly dispose of the glasses and contacts you’ll no longer be using post-surgery. Find a recycling center that will accept glasses and contacts, or donate your gently-used contacts or eyeglasses.

3. Call Your Parents and Thank Them

Your parents have likely been to too many eye doctor’s appointments to count and supported you through many prescriptions over the years. Give them a call and thank them for all their support and love, and remind them not to worry before your procedure – they will anyway!

4. Pick Out a Comfortable Outfit The Night Before

The last thing you want to think about the day of your laser vision correction surgery is how you look – so don’t stress! Put on your coziest sweats and block out the day of your procedure to kick back, relax and get as comfortable as you can.

5. Make a Playlist for Your Recovery

After your procedure, you’ll want rest your eyes and just take it easy. Making a music playlist is a great way to plan for a relaxing recovery. Whether you’re a podcast person or have a favorite band, curate something to listen to that will keep you entertained as you recover.

After Your Laser Vision Correction Surgery

1. Take Your First Selfie Without Glasses

Just like you did before your vision correction surgery, take your first selfie without glasses. You’ll be able to clearly see the difference and never worry about lens glare again! Dr. Mozayeni will even let you take one with him if you want!

2. Go for a Run, Walk or Hike

Once your eyes have had a few days to rest, hit your favorite trail or park and experience nature with your new-and-improved vision. You’ll get to enjoy the scenery while simultaneously not having to worry about your glasses slipping or contacts shifting while you’re exercising.

3. Clear Your Calendar and Take a Long Nap

After your procedure, your eyes may feel itchy or teary. Be sure to take it easy over the next few days and give your eyes a rest – and enjoy the stress-free life of taking a nap without having to worry about removing your contacts first.

4. Take a Scenic Drive

Whether you prefer lake, city or mountain views, take a spontaneous drive through a place that makes you happy. Not only do you not have to worry about finding your glasses before you go, but you’ll be able to enjoy the views from your window with crystal-clear vision.

5. Book Your First Post-Surgery Adventure

A world of possibilities is ahead after your surgery, so start planning the trip of your dreams and absorb every moment. Feeling daring? You can ride a roller coaster without worrying about your glasses flying off, or even go zip-lining or skydiving.

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