It's time to take the leap and schedule a LASIK consultation, but the one thing holding you back is that you’ll have to take a break from your contacts prior to the consultation. After all, who likes to run or go to the gym in glasses?

Is Wearing No Contacts for a Few Days Worth It?

While it seems inconvenient to break away from your contacts for a few days, we think once you understand the reason why, you will agree that it’s worth it.

The LASIK surgeons at Providence Eye, Dr. Mozayeni and Dr. Nunnery, have a very specific protocol for a successful LASIK consultation based on tens of thousands of procedures. These are their instructions:

  • Discontinue sleeping in your contacts at least 10 days before your LASIK consultation.
  • If you wear contacts for astigmatism (toric lenses), discontinue wear for 10 days before your LASIK consultation.
  • If you wear regular contacts, discontinue use for 5 days prior to the LASIK consultation.

3 Reasons for No Contacts Before Your LASIK Consultation

  1. Inflammation - Contacts are made of synthetic material. Even with the best care, dirt and germs can get on your contacts and in your eye, creating inflammation. Although this may not affect your vision, it does affect test results during your LASIK consultation that are necessary to determine if you are an ideal LASIK candidate.
  2. Distortion - Contacts are like miniature suction cups directly on top of your corneas. These mini suction cups tend to distort the shape of your corneas. Wearing toric lenses for astigmatism or sleeping in regular contact lenses can distort your corneas even more. To determine if you are an ideal candidate during your LASIK consultation your surgeon needs to evaluate your corneas in their most natural shape without any distortion.
  3. False Information - The diagnostic equipment used during the cornea evaluation process is extremely sensitive in order to provide the necessary information. If you do not follow the recommendation of no contacts before your LASIK consultation, then the diagnostic test may return false information, making it difficult to know if you are an ideal LASIK candidate.

Even though going a few days with no contacts may seem like an inconvenience, our number one goal is to provide you with a safe, long-lasting vision correction procedure.

Go ahead and get your calendar out! Find a time that would work best for you and then schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation at Providence Eye. Just imagine how awesome it will be to run, go for a walk or do yoga after LASIK, free of glasses or contacts! See more and live better.

Ready to Consider LASIK Surgery?

Learn how the short-term pain of no contact before your LASIK consultation can lead to long-term freedom from them!