Handing your wellbeing and trust over to anyone can be difficult. This can be especially trying when searching for an experienced, reputable LASIK eye surgeon. That’s why Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is here to help you create a checklist paired with helpful resources before undergoing any LASIK procedure.

While laser vision correction surgeries are extremely safe, it is crucial all patients research local eye surgeons in order to find one that best fits their LASIK needs. Most importantly, people should ensure their LASIK eye surgeon is board certified to perform procedures. To complete this essential step, consult official resources like Certification Matters, the ABPS (American Board of Physician Specialists) or the North Carolina Medical Board. This should always be step one in finding any doctor, surgeon or health specialist. While a corneal specialist certification is not required to perform LASIK surgery, it is another step in the right direction since LASIK eye surgery is surgery on the cornea. Dr. Mozayeni is a fellowship-trained corneal specialist, which offers patients additional reassurance and precise surgical ability.

After confirming your eye surgeon is board certified and has an active medical practitioner license, examine their communication style. Be sure to choose a doctor that communicates clearly and proactively with you. Before undergoing LASIK, ensure your doctor:

  • Answers all questions and takes your concerns seriously
  • Ensures your questions are answered before procedure day
  • Does not rush you during your comprehensive consultation
  • Thoroughly reviews steps you will need to take before and after your procedure
  • Discusses any and all fees associated with your procedure beforehand

Another tip in selecting a quality eye surgeon is to learn about the equipment and level of technology used in vision correction procedures. If the doctor’s office has invested in state-of-the-art, FDA-approved lasers like WaveLight technology, you can rest assured their first procedural priority is patient safety. In addition, learn about the eye surgeons you research through review sites such as Angi, Google+ and Healthgrades and asking people you trust in your local area.

Finally, be sure your eye surgeon is honest and upfront regarding your procedure bill. Be wary of any discount offers that seem too good to be true, as many times these bait-and-switch traps include fine print, hidden fees and the use of substandard technology. Also, steer away from any LASIK office that is unwilling to discuss fees before any eye surgery, as this exhibits untrustworthiness.

While this is certainly not a comprehensive list, Providence Eye hopes these selection tips guide you in the right direction towards finding a LASIK eye surgeon that fits your individual needs.