Name: Ben Hale

Hometown: Frisco, Texas

Procedure: LASIK by Dr. Nunnery in January 2023 at the age of 25

Vision Prior to LASIK: 20/60

Vision After LASIK 20/10...better than perfect!

In a world where clear vision is often taken for granted, the decision to undergo LASIK eye surgery can be life-changing. Ben, a young professional who recently sought visual freedom at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, can attest to this firsthand. Since undergoing LASIK eye surgery, Ben's life has been transformed. Gone are the days of dealing with bothersome contacts. Now Ben enjoys the benefits of 20/10 vision.

Get to Know Ben

Q: How long have you been in the Charlotte region?

A: I lived in the Greenville, SC area for 7 years and traveled to Charlotte to look into LASIK at Providence Eye.

Q: What do you do professionally?

A: I'm an Engineer at Lockheed Martin in Huntsville, AL.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I like to go on walks with my girlfriend, watch movies or shows, and bake.

Determining the Right Moment for LASIK

Q: Before LASIK, what vision issue(s) bothered you?

A: Contacts were always a hassle! Prior to my engineering career I was a professional soccer player and there was always the risk of having a contact come loose, start floating around in my eye or worse actually pop out. I always had to bring extra contacts with me to games just in case this happened. Also, it was a pain to visit the eye doctor every year just so I could order more contacts.

Q: Was there a particular event or moment that propelled you to consider LASIK?

A: Yes, I've had my sights on joining the Marine Corps to fly, but with less than 20/20 vision, there was no way I could do this. My Marine Corps selection office referred me to the Providence Eye & Laser Specialists.

Ben's Journey to Perfect Vision

Q: What was the deciding factor that Dr. Nunnery was the right surgeon for you?

A: I was paired with Dr. Nunnery for my initial complimentary consultation and was very pleased this was the case. Dr. Nunnery is incredibly professional and was willing to answer all my questions. He made me feel very confident and is helping me reach my dreams of becoming a Naval aviator! I just passed my Naval Medical exam with flying colors. Multiple Navy Optometrist said I had great eyes.

Q: What aspect of your life changed most dramatically after LASIK?

A: Just being able to rely on perfect vision daily with no exceptions!

Q: Would you recommend others to consider LASIK with Dr. Nunnery? Why?

A: Yes, it was one of the best decisions I've made. My vision is sharper than what my contacts/glasses were offering me and the procedure was very simple and easy. Dr. Nunnery does a great job explaining what to expect. There were no surprises and he kept me calm by talking me through what was going on during the procedure. If I was referring a loved one to get LASIK, I know they would be in good hands with Dr. Nunnery.

Bonus Question

Q: Beach or mountains?

A: Snowy mountains with a snowboard!

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