With any decision in life, sometimes the hardest part is taking that first step that will help you make your decision. This can certainly be true for the decision to have LASIK surgery. Maybe you are ready to make the first move and call to learn more about LASIK eye surgery, but you are nervous, and you don’t know what questions to ask. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Discover our top questions to ask about LASIK during your complimentary consultation.

Questions to Ask About LASIK

Realistically, you should not really have to ask anything about LASIK eye surgery, because a reputable, experienced LASIK practice should provide this information to you during your very first phone conversation with them. Because that does not always happen at all LASIK practices, we have created a list of questions for you to ask when you call to learn more about LASIK eye surgery.

Questions to Ask About My LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation

  • How long will my LASIK consultation be?
  • Is there any charge for my LASIK consultation?
  • Can I drive myself home after my consultation?
  • Do I need to arrive prior to my actual appointment time?
  • Is there any paperwork or online registration I need to do?

Questions to Ask About My LASIK Surgeon

  • What is the name of the LASIK surgeon?
  • Is the LASIK surgeon a cornea specialist?
  • Does the surgeon do LASIK primarily or is this just a small part of their practice?
  • How often does he/she perform LASIK surgery?

Questions to Ask About the LASIK Procedure

  • Will I be evaluated by my LASIK surgeon?
  • Will my eyes be dilated?
  • Will I know if I am a good candidate or not at the end of the consultation?

Questions to Ask About Comfort During LASIK Eye Surgery

  • Will anything touch my eye?
  • Does LASIK hurt?
  • Will I be awake during LASIK surgery?

Questions to Ask About Paying for LASIK Eye Surgery

It’s Your Decision, Not Ours

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we believe that having LASIK eye surgery is a very important and personal decision. The purpose of our LASIK consultations is not to pressure you into having LASIK surgery at our practice, but instead to educate you and answer all your questions about LASIK eye surgery.

We also believe you should be prepared for your consultation, which is why your very first phone call to us is so educational. We will cover all the basics listed above so that you don't have to ask. Then during your free LASIK consultation, you can focus on questions about your vision and your specific situation.

Read more about consultations at Providence Eye on our LASIK consultation page.

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