Getting a second opinion when it comes to your health can be imperative. From LASIK eye surgery to surgical considerations to general vision health concerns, Providence Eye & Laser Specialists sat down with Dr. Mozayeni to discuss why seeking out a LASIK second opinion from other certified medical professionals is beneficial for eye care patients and LASIK eye surgery hopefuls.

Should a patient feel bad about visiting another surgeon for a LASIK second opinion?

Dr. Mozayeni: The simple answer is no. Good doctors do not consider getting a second opinion to be an act of betrayal or ethical tug of war. You’re ultimately looking out for your eyes, your health and your quality of life. Specifically, getting a LASIK second opinion can be an excellent decision if you don’t feel good about your experience with the first doctor. For example, if you didn’t meet your LASIK eye surgeon, that should be your first red flag for a second opinion. You should always meet your surgeon before the day of surgery. If you feel that you were not given enough information, things weren’t explained to you adequately, or your questions were not answered are all strong reasons to get a second opinion. The bottom line is you need to listen to your gut and do what feels right for you. No one should try to convince or entice you to do otherwise.

If I get a LASIK second opinion and one surgeon has done more procedures than the other, should I just pick that one?

Dr. Mozayeni: Surgeon experience (not necessarily volume) plays a significant role in achieving optimal results. When you go to any and all LASIK consultations, you should understand how long the surgeon has been performing LASIK eye surgery and in general terms how many procedures they have performed. It is not necessary to go to the biggest; typically there is a loss in attention to detail when a practice becomes too big. On the flip side, you really do want a LASIK eye surgeon who performs more than a few procedures a month. The more experience a LASIK eye surgeon has, the more skill and precision they offer while performing LASIK eye surgery and the more experience they have in handling any type of situation, expected or unexpected. Remember: experience should not be the only factor to take into consideration. Technology and patient care are also critically important.

Do differences in technology warrant getting a LASIK second opinion?

Dr. Mozayeni: Definitely, yes. Not all LASIK technologies are created equal. It’s very important to know exactly what technology will be used specifically on you. In the category of technology, a second opinion is really worth it when you are told you are not a LASIK eye surgery candidate. It is possible that you are not a candidate because the technology the LASIK eye surgeon is using is not able to handle your specific situation. That is why I invested in the Wavelight FS200 and the Wavelight EX500, which address the widest range of patients and delivers optimal results for all patients. Better, more versatile technology offers precision and customization for each individual LASIK eye surgery procedure.

The second surgeon I visited offered me a cheaper, “better” deal. Should I take it?

Dr. Mozayeni: Ultimately, this decision is up to you. However, bait and switch tactics trick many people into thinking they’re paying less when they aren’t. If there is a large price difference, then it is typically an apples to oranges comparison. You should ask numerous qualifying questions about the technology being used, whether post-op care is included, and if “touch-ups” or enhancements carry additional costs if they become necessary after your procedure. It is important to consider the fact that these are your eyes – you have to decide how much they are worth. The saying, “you get what you pay for” holds true when it comes to LASIK.

If I get a LASIK second opinion and I feel more comfortable with one surgeon over the other, should I feel bad choosing one over the other?

Dr. Mozayeni: Definitely not. Be open and honest with the LASIK eye surgeon you have not chosen. Communicate back to them that you have chosen someone else and tell them why. It also may be one more important conversation that helps finalize your decision. Being comfortable and having the ability to discuss LASIK eye surgery questions openly is an important factor because you will automatically be more comfortable throughout the process – especially on the surgery day.

If you have been thinking about LASIK eye surgery and would like to find out if you’re an ideal candidate, feel free to contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Mozayeni whether you’re looking for your first or second (or even third) LASIK eye surgery opinion.