Forward thinking, forward moving, youthful, visionary, “there’s really nothing else like it in town.” That’s how the South End district of Charlotte, NC likes to describe itself, and at Providence Eye, we are right in line with those ideals.

Since 2003, our team at Providence Eye has been dedicated to providing the highest level of medical and patient care to Charlotte residents. And just like our neighboring South End community, we are forward thinking with our business, visionary with our state-of-the-art technology investments, and believe from our patient’s feedback that “there’s really nothing else like us in town.”

More than Just Street Creds – He’s Charlotte’s Most Qualified & Experienced LASIK Surgeon

TBH – we know we are biased since he is Providence Eye’s own, but Dr. Reza Mozayeni is not only one of the best LASIK surgeons in the Charlotte areas, he is the most qualified and experienced LASIK surgeon conveniently located a short drive or uber ride from the South End.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, he has performed more than 45,000 laser vision correction procedures, becoming more than just an esteemed surgeon, but a known member and friendly face in the South End and many Charlotte communities.

Let Us Define your Patient Care #Goals and LASIK Technology

At Providence Eye, we have invested in the most current state-of-the-art LASIK technology to ensure you have long-lasting, safe, and predictable results. Old school and vintage can be cool when it comes to wearing your mom’s cut-off Levi shorts or your dad’s snapback Hornets hat, but not when it comes to LASIK technology.

We have invested in all-laser (no blade!) technology that is safe, predictable and comfortable! Dr. Mozayeni spends time observing the technology in action at other practices nationwide before employing it at Providence Eye to ensure the utmost safety for our patients.

Currently, Dr. Mozayeni uses the WaveLight FS200 and EX500 systems because they allow him to custom calibrate the laser for each patient based on unique data about their eyes, corneas, and vision, which allows him to provide the upmost customized procedure and specialized patient experience.

Slaying Your South End Charlotte Experience

Slay all day after having LASIK eye surgery at Providence Eye. After your laser vision correction, you will be able to enjoy all your usual South End Charlotte activities, but with a new and enhanced perspective.

You will be able to wake up early and go for a run on the Rail Trail without worrying about putting in your contacts, enjoy time at your apartment pool and not have to replace your contacts after you go under water, and you can spend the entire day on Lake Norman without wearing your glasses. The possibilities are endless!

Reach out to Providence Eye today for a FREE consultation to see if you are a great LASIK candidate.