As another Tax Day passes, people are deciding how to spend their tax refund. Many will spend it on vacation while others will spend it elsewhere. Providence Eye & Laser Specialists discusses how your tax refund can fund LASIK eye surgery.

In order to be deemed a suitable LASIK candidate, individuals must undergo a comprehensive LASIK consultation that analyzes factors such as corneal integrity, prescription stability and general ocular health. Should a patient be deemed a great LASIK candidate, one of several types of laser vision correction procedures will be discussed, including:

While each kind of LASIK differs a bit from each other and the LASIK surgeon will recommend what is best for the patient, refunded tax dollars can go toward your bill to help pay for the procedure. After filing your taxes, the government will typically process your refund in about three weeks. This offers patients a great window of time to visit a reputable LASIK eye surgeon for a complimentary consultation while they wait. Depending on your income and how much is spent on medical costs, some individuals may be able to deduct LASIK eye surgery as a medical expense. For professional LASIK eye surgery tax-deductible advice, Providence Eye recommends consulting your C.P.A.*

Should a tax deduction for LASIK be inaccessible, patients can also estimate how much their tax refund will be next year. Paired with savings, an FSA/HSA account through your healthcare plan and helpful tax refund calculation tools, hopeful LASIK eye surgery patients can plan ahead accordingly.

Utilizing tax refund money for LASIK eye surgery offers a permanent, long-term investment that can enhance your quality of life. Gaining clearer vision represents a smarter, wiser way to spend your extra money, allowing you to do more things in everyday life without difficulty. Plus, if your tax refund still holds left over money after undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you’ll still be able to take that long vacation, only with new and improved vision!

*Note: This material is not intended to be used as professional tax advice in any form. Providence Eye & Laser Specialists intends to solely educate audiences during their LASIK research and holds no liability for those who list LASIK eye surgery as a deduction without discussing all tax filing and deductible information with a tax professional.