Q. What is your Name?
My name is Allyson Smith.

Q. Is Charlotte your hometown?
No, Charlotte is not my hometown. However, I was born in North Carolina and have lived all over the state as well as in the North Georgia mountains. Today I call the Forest City home.

Q. What would you like patients to know about your home life?
I have been married for almost 2 years to my husband Travis. Between us, we have four children that keep us super busy!

Q. When did you join Providence Eye & Laser Specialists?
I joined Providence Eye & Laser Specialists in January of 2009. I never anticipated working for a LASIK eye surgeon, as most of my experience had been in general eye care.

Q. What is your role at Providence Eye?
I have worn several hats in my 5 ½ years with Providence Eye. I started as an Ophthalmic Technician and after a couple years transitioned to being a scribe for Dr. Mozayeni. This job included working alongside him in the exam room during LASIK consultations and then working with the patient at the end of the visit to help them schedule their LASIK eye surgery or process the information they received during the visit. Currently, I am the LASIK Coordinator. If you call our office for additional information on LASIK, the consultation or the surgery process – you’re likely going to talk to me!

I also follow up with patients after their consultations to help them make the decision of when to move forward and if LASIK is right for them. I have also worked in the laser suite on surgery days assisting Dr. Mozayeni.

Q. What do you like best about your position at Providence Eye?
One of the things I like best about my role as LASIK Coordinator is helping people understand some of the misconceptions about laser vision correction and why it’s such a great option for so many people. I understand there is a lot of information to digest, and for some individuals, it can be a little scary. After speaking with literally thousands of LASIK patients, before and after their eye surgery, I think I can thoroughly explain the benefits of LASIK to prospective patients.

Q. Why did you decide Providence Eye was the right place for you?
I knew Providence Eye was the right place for me after working with Dr. Mozayeni for only a very short time. Working for a LASIK eye surgeon that presents a wealth of expertise, compassion and integrity means so much. I appreciate the fact that he treats every patient like a member of his family and truly does what is best for his patients.

Q. What do you like most about living in Charlotte?
Although I do not actually live in Charlotte, I LOVE the restaurant options. My husband and I both love food and trying new things, so we often come to Charlotte for options we can’t get in our small town.

Q. What do you like least about living in Charlotte?
The traffic!

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