Many LASIK eye surgery patients at Providence Eye share their experiences with their friends, family, coworkers and even strangers. Their LASIK testimonials affirm that our doctors are providing exceptional care and finding long term vision solutions. Recently, a patient who is a US Navy Seal brought Dr. Mozayeni the letter pictured here, thanking him for a successful LASIK eye surgery. He had PRK (no flap LASIK) in November of 2014.

I cannot express to you how thankful I am for my new eyes! Thank you so much. I have worked hard for two years now training for the Navy and would not have the opportunity for a SEAL contract without new eyes. I could not have done this without your help. I know you do this daily but do not forget the positive way your work affects people like me! You have been kind and helpful and everyone at the office is great! Thanks. P.S. Since I am from Detroit, I brought a small gift from home that has a name fitting the great job you do!

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