I am a student in my third and final year of law school at the Charlotte School of Law. Prior to law school, I worked as a legal assistant at a law firm in Wilmington, NC. Before that, I lived in in South Florida for nearly 15 years after going down there for college at the University of Miami.

I began wearing glasses in fourth grade and got my first pair of contacts in tenth grade. I enjoy outdoor activities so the glasses always felt cumbersome and fragile. The contacts just never fit quite right. I decided as soon as I could afford to have the surgery I would get laser vision correction done. Once I graduated from college, I saved my money and went to the LASIK Vision Institute in Boca Raton, FL. Unfortunately, it was a terrible experience. The keratome machine malfunctioned and the blade only cut a partial flap on my right cornea. Needless to say, the surgery was stopped by the doctor and I was sent home with uncorrected vision. To make matters worse, the doctor changed the follow up appointment times for everyone after I left and no one called to tell me. My wife and I sat outside the office for an hour the next day and no one showed up to let us in. Long story short, I got my money back and was thoroughly examined by the wonderful doctors at Bascom Palmer who said I might have a slight scar on my cornea, but my vision would not be any worse as a result of the procedure.

Thom's Interview - Part 1

As a result of my previous bad experience, I was VERY thorough in researching doctors once the opportunity presented itself again. Dr. Mozayeni's reputation was impressive. I was even more impressed when I met him in person. Of all the doctor's I've met, none were more comforting and approachable. It was an easy decision. The best part of my experience was when I woke up from my nap on the day of my surgery. Dr. Mozayeni had called and left a voicemail assuring me that he would be there the next day for my follow-up appointment. Also, during the procedure, either the doctor or one of the nurses had a hand on my shoulder or head at all times for reassurance. These personal touches were, to me, immeasurably welcome.

Thom's Interview - Part 2

I was surprised at how quickly my eyes healed. There was very little pain. I had about two days of discomfort in my right eye, but nowhere near what I was expecting. I had 20/10 vision immediately in my left eye which had the LASIK. My right eye took longer. Because of the scar on my cornea from the previous procedure, Dr. Mozayeni suggested we do PRK on the right. I had the unusual experience of waking up every day with perfect vision in one eye and gradually improving vision in the other. I remember the difference was huge for a week or two. Then I woke up one day a few weeks after the procedure, and there was no difference. Now they're both 20/10. I love being able to see the television at night and the clock in the morning without squinting. I love being able to kiss my wife without taking off my glasses or mashing them on her cheek. I love that I can go kayaking or golfing without having to worry about my glasses getting broken or caked with dirt and sweat. I love being able to wear whatever Halloween mask I want. I’m a member of the Civil Rights Clinic at the Charlotte School of Law, so I spend a lot of time doing research. I can read for hours at a time without needing to stop and take out my contacts.

Thom's Interview - Part 3

The biggest difference between Dr. Mozayeni and other doctors is his personal approach. Not once did I feel like I was just another patient on an assembly line. The doctors and staff at Providence Eye are amazingly patient, friendly, and comforting. I've been to plenty of doctors, and Providence Eye’s office is the BEST!! I know this is probably a lot more than you needed to know, but I really can’t express how thrilled I am that I had the procedure done at Providence Eye. I look forward to helping grow the business and letting others know that Dr. Mozayeni is the man to see.

Thom P.

LASIK (left eye) – October 2012

PRK (right eye) – October 2012