Conferences, whether in the business world or medical world, are often given a bad rap. People often think they are all fun and games for the attendees, full of food, drinks and socializing, but very little work. However, this could not be further from the truth, especially when considering Providence Eye’s LASIK eye surgeon Dr. Mozayeni recent attendance at the annual American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Mozayeni found this conference beneficial for himself as a doctor and business owner, but most importantly, found it beneficial for his current and future patients.

Q. Dr. Mozayeni, what is the ASCRS Conference?

A. The ASCRS Conference is the annual conference of members of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. This organization, unlike the American Academy of Ophthalmology, is specifically geared towards ophthalmologists who perform refractive and cataract surgery, which includes LASIK eye surgery, cataracts, lens replacement surgery, and lens implant surgery, just to name a few. There are tens of thousands of attendees at this annual conference.

Q. Why do you attend this meeting?

A. Ultimately, the main purpose of going to such a conference is to benefit the patients I serve everyday. Picking up something new in terms of knowledge, acquiring a new device or learning a new procedure that would improve results is ideal. At the very least, the ASCRS Conference allows me to benchmark my practice and affirm that I am truly providing the best care possible for my community.

Q. Why is attending this meeting helpful to you as a refractive eye surgeon?

A. It's an incredible opportunity to interact with industry leaders and pioneers, all while sharing opinions and experience. It's an assembly of collective opinions where the exchange of information as a group allows for the strengthening of each individual.

Q. What did you learn during the meeting that is most beneficial to your LASIK eye surgery patients?

A. Every year I look at all the latest and greatest equipment that is available to me as a LASIK eye surgeon. Sometimes, that means it's time for an upgrade. This year, however, it gave me affirmation that our suite of laser technology is truly state-of-the-art. Our LASIK eye surgery patients should feel confident they are receiving world-class care with world-class, industry-leading technology.

Q. What is the coolest thing you learned as an ophthalmologist/LASIK eye surgeon while attending the meeting?

A. One of the coolest things I learned about was what the future holds in terms of lens implant surgery as part of the stereotypical cataract procedure. This development poses the availability of an implant that detects if someone is looking at far away or nearby objects and adjusts shape accordingly, eliminating the necessity for glasses. What’s even more impressive is the future development of a microscopic lens implant battery that assists in such visual manipulation, offers a 50-year lifespan and is automatically recharged by sunlight.

Q. Did you work the whole time or did you have some fun, too?

A. The days were very busy with meetings and lectures, so I definitely worked all day. But, I pride myself on being a balanced person, so in the evenings, I definitely enjoyed the great Boston restaurant scene with a few friends. I managed to take advantage of the hotel fitness center one day. I had been hoping for better weather so I could enjoy outdoor Boston more, but we all know how finicky that New England weather can be.