Diane, a Providence Eye patient, shares her journey to scheduling her LASIK eye surgery with Dr. Mozayeni.

"Today, I went back to get my eyes dilated and to have my LASIK surgery consultation. Dr. Mozayeni and I spoke at length about my options and what I thought so far. I shared my thoughts on monovision LASIK vs traditional LASIK. I told him I didn’t care for monovision after trying out two different contacts - one for reading vision and one for distance vision. I loved seeing up close but my distance vision was off. I told him I thought I would like the traditional LASIK option better. In fact, when I test drove the traditional LASIK lenses, it seemed to help my near vision as well as my distance vision. It wasn’t crystal clear like the monovision lenses, but I could see my watch and smartphone. He told me that it would correct my near vision but not for very long. I would be in reading glasses within 2-3 years where monovision LASIK would have me in reading glasses after 7-10 years. That made me think.

My reason for seeing Dr. Mozayeni to begin with was to correct my near vision. That’s when I learned I not only have near vision problems but distance vision problems, as well. He asked how long I tried the monovison lenses and when he found out it was only a couple of days he suggested I try them again but for two weeks straight. He said I have to train the muscles in my eyes and eventually my distance will get better.

So I tried the monovision lenses for 3½ weeks and I have to say it wasn’t for me. I stopped wearing them and went back to my reading glasses. Now I wasn’t sure what to do."

Making the Decision to Have LASIK Eye Surgery

"It didn’t hit me until I was volunteering at The Wells Fargo Championship and had to follow the tee shots from the fairway at the Pro Am that I couldn’t see in the distance. I had to look back at the tee box to see where the tee shots were landing so I could flag the balls of the amateurs outside the fairway. I had to put on my reading glasses to see at a distance. How crazy is that? That’s when it hit me that I need to correct my distance vision and I don’t want to wear contacts or glasses full time!

After the tournament I placed the call to Providence Eye. I’m now scheduled to have my LASIK surgery on June 2nd. I'm still scared, but I know that it’s the right decision and I’m in good hands with Dr. Mozayeni and the entire team at Providence Eye!"

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