It is natural to ask your friends and family members for their feedback and recommendations on everything under the sun from vacation destinations, restaurants, daycares, and doctors. When it comes to an experience like LASIK eye surgery, we understand that you want to hear trusted feedback from the people closest to you, but what happens if one of your friends or relatives had a terrible experience? Should you be concerned? Are you likely to have a bad experience too?

Our experts at Providence Eye can provide you 3 reasons why you should not shy away from LASIK vision correction based on someone else’s bad review or experience:

1. Your corneas are unique to you.

Just like a fingerprint, no two corneas are the same. Since everyone’s corneas differ, every experience is unique. While someone you know may have had an unfavorable experience, you should always consult with a to determine whether or not you are a good candidate.

Because vision correction is a procedure performed on the cornea, Providence Eye makes sure that patients’ eyes are in optimal condition before is performed. As a fellowship trained cornea specialist, Dr. Mozayeni applies meticulous evaluation standards to each patient to determine whether or not they are a candidate.

Providence Eye understands that is not a one-size-fits-all surgery and gives each of their patients an experience that is tailored to their unique corneas.

2. Not all LASIK eye surgery is created equal.

In a recent interview, we asked Dr. Mozayeni what the most important factor is when considering LASIK eye surgery.

I don't think there is just one factor to be considered. There are three factors that I believe contribute to optimal results. They are: surgeon experience, technology and patient care. - Dr. Reza Mozayeni

Dr. Rez Mozayeni

LASIK eye doctors vary dramatically in their range of experience. In addition to the variance in experience level, different types of lasers can yield a range of results.

Our LASIK , Dr. Mozayeni, knows that a safe, precise and predictable LASIK surgery is the result of these three factors:

  • A thorough evaluation performed by an experienced team which includes your actual LASIK surgeon
  • State-of-the-art LASIK technology (both diagnostic equipment and surgical equipment)
  • An experienced expert LASIK surgeon who has mastered the artful skill of performing LASIK surgery with the most advanced lasers available.

3. Different person, different LASIK eye surgery experience.

Generally, patients go into LASIK eye surgery with the end goal of better vision. At the same time, every patient has different expectations set for how their LASIK experience should go from the start to the finish.

Some patients, for example, come into their consultation with outlooks formed from the internet, setting an inaccurate picture of what their process and procedures will look like. We continue to recommend that patients come see us for a FREE consultation to avoid the uncertainties caused by watching generic LASIK eye surgery videos on YouTube and the internet.

With so many variables impacting the results and outcome of LASIK vision correction, it is important that your experience is personalized to your eyes. While we will still encourage you to take your friends’ and families advice on where to go for a LASIK consultation, we encourage you to call and visit at least two LASIK surgeons so that you can have first hand experience with the practice and more importantly so that the LASIK surgeon can tell you what you can expect.

Schedule your free LASIK consultation today to see how Dr. Mozayeni and the Providence eye team can provide a LASIK vision correction experience unique to you.

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