If you listen to the Drex & Maney show on KISS 95.1FM in Charlotte in the morning, there is no doubt you have heard Cassiday. She is the fun pop culture queen who always has something awesome to say. But did you know that now you can also see Cassiday every weeknight on Charlotte’s Foxnews Edge? Lucky for Cassiday before she got this new TV gig (which requires her to occasionally read a teleprompter), she had LASIK performed by Dr. Mozayeni at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. So now we can see Cassiday and she can see the teleprompter - all without glasses or contacts. Her LASIK surgery will also be great since we all know Cassiday will be a beautiful bride later this year. Cassiday first came in for her LASIK consultation in July of 2012 and had her LASIK surgery two months later. Recently, she returned to the office for her five-month post-op and left this video blog. Check it out – and be sure to check out Cassiday in the morning on KISS 95.1 and at night on Foxnews Edge.