LASIK eye surgery is life changing - there’s no doubt about that. The whole world is clearer; although there may be a few things we wish we couldn’t see as well (that first wrinkle, perhaps?). Below are some fun examples of things you can do or see for better (or for worse) after LASIK.

After LASIK, you can…

76. Stop pretending you can read all of those tiny numbers on that spreadsheet.

77. Trade in the cell phone you bought with the really big buttons and get a new one.

78. Finally tell your identical twin daughters apart.

79. Let your friends and family finally see your beautiful eyes instead of hiding behind your glasses!

80. Become a pilot for the U.S. military with your 20/20 vision.

81. Take out all of your kids’ “Where’s Waldo?” books and get to work.

82. Stop wearing your plastic digital watch – it’s time for an analog display that normal adults wear.

83. Pass shop class.

84. Focus on your studies, not your headaches.

85. Read the headlines on the magazines in the checkout line.

86. Stop accidentally thinking you recognize people at restaurants and saying “Do I know you?” before you realize it’s not them…..

87. Break the teacher stereotype.

88. Get the confidence you need to ask out that girl/guy.

89. Take up professional boxing.

90. Send more coherent text messages.

91. Get a blanket and a bottle of wine – you’re going stargazing tonight!

92. Be a professional dancer without worrying about contacts falling out during a big performance.

93. Fall asleep in public.

94. Swim for regular exercise.

95. Try out racquetball!

96. Enjoy sightseeing out west – without the dry weather and contacts causing you irritation.

97. Read sheet music to play with the local symphony.

98. Enjoying seeing the world through your own eyes.

99. Become a butterfly spotting enthusiast.

100. Put all of the inconveniences of wearing contacts and glasses behind you!

That completes our series. Thanks for reading!

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