LASIK eye surgery is life changing - there’s no doubt about that. The whole world is clearer; although there may be a few things we wish we couldn’t see as well (that first wrinkle, perhaps?) Below are some fun examples of things you can do or see for better (or for worse) after LASIK.

After LASIK, you can…

51. Stop worrying about stepping or sitting on your glasses.

52. Eat salsa or hot wings without having to worry about when you can touch your eyes next to take out your contacts.

53. Stop worrying about accidentally scratching your eyes when taking out your contacts.

54. Finally read the fine print during television commercials.

55. Stop accidentally brushing your teeth with the face cream after you’ve taken your contacts out.

56. Enjoy improved peripheral vision – no more blind spots caused by the sides of your glasses.

57. Sit anywhere in the movie theatre.

58. No more water spots on your glasses after dancing in the rain.

59. Check on your newborn in the middle of the night without tripping over your furniture.

60. Pursue a career as a photographer.

61. Never feel tempted to try the experimental contact solution from the eye doctor just to get that $20 gift certificate…

62. Take up art gallery viewing as a hobby.

63. Tell just how bad those dark circles under your eyes are.

64. Feel confident while playing card games.

65. Say goodbye to headaches from squinting all day to read your computer screen.

66. Get back into your tennis routine.

67. Look forward to going sightseeing.

68. Ride on roller coasters without having to catch your glasses on every loop.

69. Stop tripping over the uneven bricks on the sidewalk.

70. Finally tell what that picture is that your kid colored for you at school.

71. See the exit sign from far enough away on the highway to avoid last second lane changes.

72. Go on a date without wondering if he or she is staring into your eyes or at your glasses.

73. Blast the heat in the car on a cold morning without your glasses fogging up so bad that you can’t see to drive.

74. Worry about who you’re going to dance with next, not your glasses falling off.

75. Throw away the duct tape you started using to repair your glasses once replacing them all the time just got too expensive.

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