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When comparing prices for laser eye surgery in Charlotte, do you really want the cheapest option available?

When you compare the technology and level of service with results that are unmatched in the region you will find the pricing at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists very competitive.

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost & Pricing

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists in Charlotte, NC, we believe in an honest and straightforward pricing policy and offer many options to make your LASIK surgery affordable. We are also very diligent about assuring that our costs remain competitive with what others charge for a similar level of surgeon experience, technology, and personalized care so important to an optimal outcome.

“I just had Monovision done and wow! Why did I wait so long? Everybody is very professional from start to finish! Not cheap, but worth it! Do you really want a $299 eye job? You get what you pay for…..”
Tom N.
Age: 56 at time of surgery
Surgery performed by Dr. Mozayeni on 3/28/14

Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery

It is likely that you have seen or heard bargain pricing ads and specials for LASIK. Beware, as these can be deceptive. ‘Bait and switch’ is an unethical way of providing health care and you will not find any “small print” or “starting at” prices at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists. Or maybe you have seen a LASIK Groupon come across your email? Often these businesses are utilizing older technology such as blade based LASIK or using older lasers that were replaced by us years ago. We firmly believe and routinely verify that our LASIK cost is competitive when comparing similar technology and experience. We also provide a level of service and results that are unmatched in the region.

At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, we do not charge more for high prescriptions or astigmatism.

Wanting to compare pricing is natural, but be careful when comparing the cost of LASIK. With the technological advancements in laser vision correction, not all practices provide the best diagnostic technology to determine candidacy or the best lasers for LASIK. At Providence Eye & Laser Specialists, Dr. Mozayeni continually reinvests in the latest technology rather than discounting our services and then having to cut corners or become a volume based medical practice.

Our LASIK pricing is simple and straightforward and all costs will be explained and provided to you in writing during your complimentary consultation.

For your LASIK surgery, we accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Cashiers Check or Cash

Additionally there are three avenues that can assist you with managing the cost of  laser vision correction:


General Eye Care

Providence Eye & Laser Specialist participates with most medical insurance carriers.  Please review your insurance coverage as you may have routine vision care included with your medical coverage.