Meet Heather, local wedding photographer who is five years out from her LASIK surgery at Providence Eye. Heather had a harder time with recovery than most of our patients do, but it is important to fully understand all the possibilities before choosing this for yourself. And on the bright side, without any further treatment, her vision is now 20/15 (better than "perfect")!

Preparing for LASIK

Heather had been wearing glasses and contacts her whole life and started to seriously consider LASIK when she was about 24. Heather preferred to wear glasses, as putting in contacts was very difficult for her. As a wedding photographer, she couldn't wear glasses when taking pictures, so she spent about 30 minutes every time she had to put in contacts.

After much research, Heather and her husband decided that Providence Eye & Laser Specialists would be a good fit for them and scheduled the consultation. The consultation went well, and Dr. Mozayeni deemed Heather a "textbook candidate" for LASIK!

LASIK Surgery Day

Heather's LASIK surgery went very well, and Heather hardly felt anything! She reports that the worst part "really wasn’t bad, just a little bit of pressure on the eye," and that Dr. Mozayeni was very calm and comforting during the whole procedure. When the procedure was over, she was sent home with protective glasses and prescription eye drops and instructed to take a nice long nap.

LASIK Recovery

After waking up from her nap, Heather could see perfectly, but she had a bit of dryness in her right eye. At her day-after appointment, the doctor confirmed that the dryness in her eyes is completely normal but gave her some extra-strength gel eyedrops to use at night to help with it.

Heather's right eye continued to be extremely dry, which caused her vision to become very blurry, and this eventually started to happen in her left eye, as well. Even though the doctors told her this was completely normal, she was understandably very nervous! From changing eyedrops to putting in a plug, the doctors helped her through these few weeks of blurry vision, and now she sees perfectly.

To learn more about Heather's story, check out her blog from 2015 with a 2019 update!

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