Meet Alex, a Charlotte attorney and Providence Eye LASIK patient. Alex had worn glasses and contacts since she was in elementary school, but after finishing law school, she decided it was the right time to pursue LASIK. After researching LASIK specialists in Charlotte, Alex found the team she’d been looking for in Dr. Mozayeni and Providence Eye.

Watch the video below to hear Alex’s story, learn about her life after LASIK and how Dr. Mozayeni helped make her LASIK experience easy and comfortable.

Watch Alex's Video Testimonial

Prior to LASIK, life was more complicated. It just added on to packing – I travel a lot, and I’d have to remember my contacts, remember my glasses.

I started researching all the LASIK specialists and I found Dr. Mozayeni and Providence Eye. I really clicked with Dr. Mozayeni, he made me feel super comfortable throughout the whole process. I was in here prior to LASIK just to get to know everyone, they walked me through the process and the day of surgery I was in and out pretty quickly.

You know, I was scared to come in and have my eyes worked on, and I thought it would be painful. It was just so quick, and Dr. Mozayeni throughout the whole process was like “Alright, we’re moving on to this eye, you’ll feel a tiny bit of pressure,” but it was nothing, it was like putting your contact in and putting your finger on your eye for a second, that’s really all it felt like.

Life now is crazy different! It’s just so much easier to go to bed, and if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can see the clock. I just didn’t realize before how much I was missing out on.

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