Name: Alex
Originally From: Ellijay, Georgia
Currently Lives: Charlotte, NC – Uptown

If you’ve visited our website recently, you may recognize our next guest blogger from our home page. Meet Alex – a Providence Eye LASIK patient. Get to know Alex through her LASIK testimonial and hear how vision correction surgery impacted her life!

Meet Alex: Vision Correction Patient & the Face Behind Our Home Page

Q: Alex, we are so excited to hear all about your patient experience at Providence Eye, but first we would love to know a few things about your personal life. Where are you from originally?
A: I'm originally from the small mountain town of Ellijay, Georgia. I moved to Athens, Georgia for school at the University of Georgia. After undergrad, I moved to Macon, Georgia for law school. I met my future husband while in law school (he lived in Charlotte), and he is ultimately what brought me to the Queen City!

Q: Well we are certainly glad your husband brought you to Charlotte, and as a result brought you to Providence Eye as a LASIK patient. How long have you been in Charlotte?
A: I've been in Charlotte for just over two years, although it feels like I just got here! There are new restaurants and things to do almost every day.

Q: You’re right about that. There are restaurants popping up every day! Tell us a little more about your family (or who you’ll be going to Jeni’s Ice Cream with now that it’s open).
A: I am married to my best friend, Chris, and we have a fur child named Henry.

Q: You mentioned that you and your husband met at law school. Do you currently work in the legal field?
A: I am an attorney at Hull & Chandler, P.A. I practice business law and estate planning.

Alex’s Journey to Vision Correction Surgery

Q: Alex, we loved hearing all about your family and what brought you to Charlotte. Now, what was it that propelled you to consider LASIK?
A: I wanted LASIK vision correction for many years, but my eye doctor and I thought it would be best to wait until after I finished law school and studying for the bar exam.

I had worn glasses and contacts since second grade, and I could not wait for the day that I did not have to depend on them or have that extra step while getting ready every day! As soon as I got settled in Charlotte and took the bar exam, I began researching places around town that offered LASIK vision correction.

Q: What was your deciding factor for selecting Dr. Mozayeni as your LASIK surgeon?
A: I found Dr. Mozayeni online and read several patient reviews. My selling point was the initial consultation (that was free!) when I got to meet the Providence Eye team but most importantly that Dr. Mozayeni himself evaluated me for LASIK surgery.

I really liked everyone at Providence Eye and they walked me through each step of the vision correction surgery until I felt comfortable. I also knew that Dr. Mozayeni has the best technology for LASIK surgery in Charlotte!

From Glasses & Contacts to a LASIK Testimonial

Q: You just celebrated your one-year LASIK anniversary! Now that you look back, was your vision correction surgery a good decision
A: That’s correct, I just celebrated my one-year LASIK anniversary!

“LASIK was the best thing I’ve ever done for my eyes! I can swim, nap, stare at my computer all day, read, and travel without ever worrying about my contacts and glasses. Such a relief.”

Q: What aspect of your life changed most dramatically after your LASIK vision correction?
A: I wore glasses and/or contacts for almost 20 years - during most of my childhood and all of my adult life. I didn't understand life without glasses and contacts! LASIK changed every aspect of my life.

I love to travel, and I think that is the most drastic change since LASIK. I have been on trips before where I thought my pair of contacts would last, but one ripped halfway through the trip and I was stuck wearing glasses for the remainder.

“Now, I never have to think about packing contacts or glasses, and I know that I can take in all the sights with my new and improved eyes!”

Q: It has been great hearing your LASIK testimonial, and we are so happy that you were pleased with the outcome of our vision correction surgery! When you are not working, what do you like to do with your new and improved vision?
A: Again, I love to travel, and I really enjoy exercise. Not having to worry about a contact popping out or sweat getting in my eye during a workout has made life significantly easier. I also just love waking up in the morning and being able to see my dog, Henry's cute face staring at me – glasses-free.

Now that you’ve read Alex’s LASIK testimonial, you know how vision correction surgery can change your life! If you would like to learn more about having LASIK at Providence Eye, contact us today to schedule your FREE consultation. We look forward to meeting you!