Name: Dave Pollack

Procedure: Monovision LASIK, February 2022 at the age of 50

Originally from: Eastern North Carolina

Lives in: Charlotte, North Carolina

Dave Pollack’s eyesight started to deteriorate in his late teens due to astigmatism. Wearing glasses while playing sports was difficult, so he chose contacts. However, two-week contact lenses would begin to “stick” and become uncomfortable after just one week, so dailies were the only option. Unfortunately, daily contacts have limitations on how much correction they can provide for astigmatism.

Dave had always thought LASIK would be an option for him someday despite his high astigmatism; however, he decided to wait for the technology to advance in hopes of a better outcome. He had waited so long that he had concerns about doing the procedure at his age. After talking with a friend of similar age and circumstances, he decided to consult Providence Eye & Laser Specialists to better understand his options.

In February 2022, after his comprehensive consultation with the surgeon and completing a two-week monovision test drive with contact lenses, Dave felt confident in his decision to have Monovision LASIK. Monovision LASIK is a great option for individuals over 40 because it can reduce, or even eliminate, your need for glasses or contacts for both distance and near vision. Dave wasn’t disappointed with the results.

Get to Know Dave

Q: Dave, we are excited about your monovision laser eye surgery review! But, before we discuss that, let’s get to know you better. Can you tell us about yourself and your family?

A: I was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, and grew up in Morehead City. I spent some time in Atlanta, Georgia, before moving to Charlotte in 2006. I have been married for 29 years and have three adult children.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: I enjoy playing a lot of golf, attending church activities and watching sports, but I really enjoy game night with family and friends.

Choosing Providence Eye & Laser Specialists

Q: What made you decide to get Monovision LASIK?

A: I had only heard about monovision a few weeks before my consultation at Providence Eye & Laser. I had fully expected to have both eyes corrected for distance and would need readers. However, during my consultation, the team at Providence Eye & Laser explained how Monovision LASIK works, and I learned that I was a prime candidate at my age and current vision correction levels. I did a two-week monovision “test drive” with daily contacts to better understand how monovision would work for me. Megan followed up with me multiple times and talked me through some of the initial challenges I was having. It took a bit of an adjustment, but amazingly, my eyes and brain simply adjusted so I could see both distance and up close.

Dave’s Life After LASIK

Q: What aspect of your life dramatically changed after Monovision LASIK?

A: At my two-week follow-up appointment at Providence Eye & Laser, I was already seeing 20/15 at both distance and up close. This was better than my contacts could provide and without any contact issues: sticking, floating, continual maintenance, etc. I now have perfect vision and won’t even need readers.

Q: What would you tell someone considering LASIK and of that “certain age” where they need reading glasses?

A: If you are a good candidate for monovision, I highly recommend you be open minded and try it for a full two weeks prior to deciding. Although vision correction surgery at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists is quite an investment, I cannot recommend them enough!

Q: Dave, here is our last question: What is your preferred vacation location, beach or mountains?

A: I grew up on the beach, and I still love it, but I’ve grown to love the mountains even more.

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